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3-2-1 Blastoff! Product Launches, Celebrating, and Appreciating the Journey

At Codelation, we are so excited to be a part of our customer wins. This week Dr. John Schillinger is launching a revolutionary software to help clinics with red light therapy weight loss treatments manage their programs. The solution we’re proud to have built is My Ideal Tracker. It helps fix poor office patient tracking systems and communicate better with patients by showing results while being HIPAA compliant. 

This is the first product our team has been involved in both building and marketing. We shot training videos, created an email launch campaign, built the landing page, planned a launch webinar, and did our traditional work of coding the actual app. Just a note: This unique mix of app development and marketing services is something really new in our community and a service you can’t find at other dev shops.

While this blog is being posted, Dr. John will actually be hosting the live launch webinar. We wanted to take a moment to congratulate Dr. John and celebrate the launch of his new software. Congratulations for taking a chance, going through all the work to build software, and being brave enough to innovate an industry. 

Let’s celebrate the first week of a launched product, too. There is so much work that goes into taking the “there should be an app for that,” thought into a full product launch. Launch week is further than 99% of people get with that thought, and it should be celebrated.

We’re pretty excited to bring more services to our current and future clients, too. Being able to provide Dr. John with strategic marketing services while this app was being built was extremely fun for us, and efficient and affordable for him. We can’t wait for our next full-scale project! Have one in mind? Just give us a holler!

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