About Us

Codelation isn’t your usual dev team. We’re different in that most of us have held managerial and strategic roles in a wide variety of businesses just like yours – including retail, education, manufacturing, and finance. We realize the importance of gaining a thorough understanding of the big picture goals behind your technical development project, and we come to you with the solid experience necessary to get up to speed quickly.

Who we are

High-tech startup experts for the nontechnical entrepreneur. Our success is linked to your success. We will challenge you to find the right solution for
your budget and business needs.

Who we aren’t

A vendor or team for hire. We’re your strategic partner taking the ride along with you.

What we do

Find flexible solutions. We have solutions to get you what you need now, and plan for the future.

What we don’t do

Say yes to everything. In fact, we like to say no if it’s warranted, and if we’re not the right fit, we’ll be the first to tell you so.

Are You Ready?

Learn more about what a strategic partnership with Codelation could mean for you. Contact us to schedule a free initial consult today!