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All ND Team Bonding and Gaming

Last Updated on July 8, 2021

This week we had the lovely opportunity to welcome a few of our remote employees to Fargo for a day of team building and competitive gaming.

The morning started out with a guided meditation led by Saree Reveling from Inner Spark, who led us in a thought provoking session where we talked about calmness and adapting to our changing world. After the discussion, she guided us through a 30-minute guided meditation session where we found ourselves in deep relaxation.

Afterwards, we had a few meetings and announcements from the leadership team and then went on to lunch! Once we had all woken up from our food coma, we took the first all team photo since our huge expansion as well as shared a few laughs, stories, and thoughts about how far we have come as a company. Our last activity for the day was the 2021 Nerdlympics, an annual office gaming competition where we competed to get the best time or score on various games across different consoles. To do this, we ventured out of the tech park and down to Replay Games in Downtown Fargo. Once there, we competed and played our hearts out, and while it was a very close competition, these were our victors;

  1. Erick
  2. Josh
  3. Gabe
Victors from the 2021 Nerdlympics. From right, Josh, Erick, Gabe

The day was filled with laughs, team bonding, and fun. As we grow as a company, we plan to make the event bigger and better every year.

We want to thank Saree fromย Inner Sparkย and CJ fromย Replay Gamesย for making our day entertaining and fun. If you or your company is ever looking for a fun activity, please check them out. They are both super fantastic!