Be More Colorful

An analytics tool for virtual reality clients.

The Challenge

Be More Colorful wanted their clients to be able to track the ongoing benefits of using Be More Colorful services.

Focus on data analytics reporting

  • The client
    • Be More Colorful is a provider of Virtual Reality Solutions for nearly every industry. They create unique, premium imaging through 360° photography, virtual tours, Google Street View, augmented reality, and VR/AR consulting. Be More Colorful needed software for their users to track customer traffic and engagement with their custom imagery. 
  • Why Codelation?
    • We understand how essential analytics are to a business’s success. With our ability to develop for both desktop and mobile, as well as our commitment to forming an ongoing relationship with all of our clients, we were able to provide Be More Colorful with exactly what they needed.
  • What it does
    • This tool delivers analytics to users about the overall engagement with their imagery as well as detailed data like open rates from a specific individual.
      • Access trend data for hosted tours.
      • Generates custom links to monitor success of various channels.
      • Create and upload new tours.
  • Conclusion
    • By working closely with Be More Colorful, we were able to build a powerful tool that provides value to both their business and their users. We gave them the ability to quantify just how much of an impact can be made through their technology.
  • Is a custom reporting tool right for you?
    • Analytics tools offer insights into the inner workings of your business and help measure success of your efforts.
    • Let us build you your own custom analytics tool here.



The Outcome

We created a web and mobile app to provide analytics to Be More Colorful clients. This app allows businesses to track the way and how often their customers are engaging with the 360° imagery from Be More Colorful.

Are You Ready?

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