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The Codelation marketing team helped Megan Miller create COMMIT, a brand that targets individuals looking to level up their nutritional and physical health.


A New Take on Nutrition: COMMIT

Health and wellness can be challenging, especially when it comes to nutritional needs. Megan Miller wanted to create a brand that made it easier for everyone to level up their fitness goals by implementing proper nutrition. However, she wasn’t completely sure what she wanted the brand to look like visually. However, she did know what she wanted her brand to sound like. She wanted a friendly, knowledgeable, realistic, and comforting approach to nutrition unlike many other brands out there. The Codelation Marketing team took her vision of an inclusive tone and nutritional focus and turned it into a reality.


The most prominent challenges Megan was facing were the following:

  • Lack of Brand Visuals and Direction
  • Lack of Social Media Presence and Expertise 


To resolve the problems at hand, we began working with Megan and her team on clarifying the needs and objectives of her brand, COMMIT. We ensured that Megan’s vision was being carried out while also allocating resources and responsibilities to various members of our team. Together, we brainstormed potential solutions and came up with the following:

  • Building the foundation for a brand through a custom logo, color palette, graphic elements, and typography.
  • Conceptualizing a social media strategy with sample content, planning tools, and expert guidance.

Working alongside our branding specialist, Megan was able to narrow down COMMIT’s color scheme and logo, as well as the overall tone and feel of the brand. The COMMIT team also worked with our communications specialist to come up with a strategic approach to social media growth as well as create a content plan for the year.


We provided Megan with a custom brand identity that consisted of the following elements:

  • Custom Logo
  • Catered Color Palette
  • Graphic Elements
  • Typography
Excerpt from COMMIT brand guide.

The Codelation marketing team also helped develop a strategic plan for social media growth which consisted of the following elements:

  • Custom Adobe Presets
  • Sample Content
  • A Quarterly Direction Plan
  • A Content Calendar
  • A Social Media Audit with a SWOT Analysis

When asked about her experience working with the Codelation marketing team, Megan stated, “I loved working with the Codelation team on creating a logo and business ideas. They are very personable and great to work with. The process was very seamless and communication was clear and concise.” She also mentioned her appreciation for the deliverables and relationships built with the Codelation marketing team.

Feel free to check out Megan’s Instagram for all the details on what she’s up to: https://www.instagram.com/meganomiller_/

COMMIT brand guide.

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