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Harvestable strives to get fresh, local ingredients straight to the chefs that need them. The duo came to ...


Website build helping Harvestable connect more farmers to chefs

Nate Heinold and Travis Rosenbluth bonded over the mutual thought that it should be easier for restaurateurs to source local ingredients from Fargo’s rich agricultural surroundings. They decided to team up and build a tool to solve that very problem!

Harvestable strives to get fresh, local ingredients straight to the chefs that need them.

The duo came to us to refine their site which had been previously worked on by a few developers. The team at Codelation got to work cleaning it up and making it ready for goods to be posted!


Harvestable’s two main hurdles to overcome were:

  • Not having clean work in the back-end due to multiple previous developers
  • Not being able to post products and have them be orderable

Harvestable needed it’s main functionality to perform well to get farms and restaurants on board with using their tool. They weren’t going to spend time and energy towards using a tool that had issues. 

That’s where the Codelation team came in to assist in making the mission of bringing  fresh products to local customers’ stomachs a reality. Our developers knew they needed to clean up the site’s back-end and make it usable for all those involved. 


We worked hard with the Harvestable team to get their site in working order by:

  • Planning the foundation for the new website based on the company’s current and future goals
  • Building the functionality for farmers to sell products and chefs to buy them


Nate, Travis, and their team are set up with a working site that can help them grow their business from the field up.

Their site is now in tip-top shape and organized thanks to our developers. Chefs can order vegetables and more to craft delicious dishes for customers. With more customers caring about where their food comes from than ever, it is likely that these restaurants will see an increase in not only the quality of food, but also an increase in customer satisfaction and traffic.

Perfectly Fresh

Harvestable no longer has any messes behind the scenes in it’s code. It is now clean and organized for any future work that needs to be done.

“They had a bunch of different developers work on their site and it wasn’t in working order, we wanted to get them to a point where they could post products and customers to order them,” said Steve Gibbs, one of Codelation’s awesome software engineers. He was on the case and got the site under control and performing well!

Marvelous Marketplace

We are happy that restaurateurs and chefs in our community now have the ability to post listings and order products through Harvestable.  It is beneficial all across the supply chain. Farmers and producers are making more money, restaurants are getting access to quality ingredients that don’t have to travel across the country, and restaurant patrons are happy to know that they are ingesting quality food and their money is supporting local businesses.

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