Harvest Profit

Managing family farms like Fortune 500 businesses.

The Challenge

Nick wanted to use technology to share with farmers his expertise in business and farming.

  • The client
    • Harvest Profit is a farm management software tool that allows farms of all sizes to track their profit and loss in real time, giving them the confidence to make fewer emotional decisions and more profit-focused business decisions. Nick, the creator of Harvest Profit, needed someone to build his SAAS (software as a service) product idea, so that he could help farmers manage the financial side of their business.
  • Why Codelation?
    • When Nick first came to us, he was struggling to find a developer who could get the job done. We worked closely with Nick, consulting with him throughout the entire process as we built out Version 1.
  • What it does
    • Harvest Profit lets farmers track their profits and losses in real time. It takes the emotion out of the decision-making process, by giving farmers the numbers that they need to make profit-focused decisions.
      • Field-level and crop-level financial performance and intuitive tracking.
      • Grain Marketing Plan Builder sends notifications when your plan’s price and/or date target have been met.
      • What-if scenario analysis tool.
  • Conclusion
    • Our journey with Nick began when he was struggling. After forming a great relationship and building out a V1 of his software, Nick’s farm software is being used by over 600 farmers across the continent, making for a thriving business for both him and his customers.
  • Are you looking to create a Software as a Service Product?
    • A SAAS product can be used in virtually any industry.
    • Learn more about web app development.



The Outcome

We built farm management software for Nick at Harvest Profit to better help his clients with running their farms. With features like real-time P&L, marketing plans, and what/if analyses, Harvest Profit’s customers can now stop managing their farm on gut feelings, but instead make profitable decisions based on data.

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