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Liquid Ice

The marketing team at Liquid Ice wanted to build a new site that focused more on mobile design, while incorporating their newly produced video content.

Liquid Ice

For Liquid Ice, showcasing their product and promotions has been a top priority.

When Liquid Ice’s Marketing team reached out to our team and asked if we would help them refresh their current site— one that would be focused on being mobile friendly while being able to incorporate their newly produced video content. We were excited to hop on board.

The marketing team at Liquid Ice wanted to build a new site that focused more on mobile design, while incorporating their newly produced video content.


The Liquid Ice’s three main challenges with their old website were:

  • Not being able to easily make edits or add new content in-house
  • Not being up to date with the evolution of mobile and other technologies
  • Any site update needed to be able to work with their current vendor portal

According to Liquid Ice, their old website was functioning for their vendors but didn’t showcase their product and wasn’t mobile friendly.

Moreover, the world is shifting to browsing the internet on mobile devices. All updates needed to be focused on mobile first, while being dynamic enough to work across all platforms. Their marketing campaigns always evolve. Being able to internally keep their site up to date with their current marketing campaigns was crucial. We also had to maintain the sales portal for their current vendors.


We started working with Liquid ice to help build a foundation for a website that would serve their needs now, but also be adaptable to their needs in the future. We set out to solve some of these issues by:

  • Planning the foundation for the new website based on mobile viewing first, incorporating the company’s current marketing, existing vendor portal, and future goals
  • Building an easy-to-use back end dashboard flexible enough to evolve with technology and marketing trends
  • Designing an easy-to-navigate website incorporating video that also tells the story of Liquid Ice


We provided Liquid Ice with a new website that put them ahead of their competition. The site now is a centralized hub for potential customers, current customers, and has the ability to evolve with their business.

Stunning Visuals

All new content produced can easily be changed by anyone on their team. With marketing campaigns constantly evolving, having the flexibility to instantly change their website creates brand consistency.

Strong Story

Being able to add new exciting products, keep their site updated with current promotions, feature different drink recipes, and tell our story is so important. It reflects the Liquid Ice brand. Telling their story is the foundation of developing strong relationships with customers. Their site now can tell their story.

Building For The Future

Often, website design companies make the process of redesigning website be a final finished product. With our deluxe hosting package we add time for updates into the equation. Brands, companies, and websites evolve constantly. With this hosting package, website evolution and growth is factored into Liquid Ice’s marketing budget ahead of time.

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