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Pix Selfie Studio

Learn how the Codelation marketing team worked to build a brand that allows people and families from all over Idaho the ability to express their creativity through selfies!

Pix Selfie Studio

The First Selfie Studio in Idaho

In the digital society that we live in, selfies have become a very common way for people to express themselves and their creativity. As selfie studios began popping up all over the country, Deanna McKellip came to her husband Nick Rebmann, who also happens to be the Quality Assurance expert for Codelation, with an idea to start their own studio. After some extensive research, they realized that there was not a selfie studio in their home state of Idaho, and they hit the ground running to make their studio, Pix, a reality!


The most prominent challenges Pix was facing were the following:

  • The absence of a brand identity
  • Lack of social media expertise

Pix physically came together in a quick few months as they secured a space and started building creative booths. However, Nick and Deanna realized they might need a little bit of help with their online presence. They didn’t have a logo or much experience with managing social media accounts, but they knew those were going to be crucial components of their company. As the Codelation marketing team was evolving their brand development services, they thought helping out the Pix team would be a great opportunity to further develop their process while also supporting an employee.


To resolve the problems at hand, we began working with Pix on clarifying the ideas and desires of the company as well as defining the target audience. We ensured that Pix’s vision was being carried out while also allocating resources and responsibilities to the members of the Codelation team. Together, the Pix and Codelation teams brainstormed potential solutions and came up with the following:

  • Building the foundation for a brand through a custom logo, color palette, graphic elements, and typography.
  • Conceptualizing a social media strategy with sample content, planning tools, and expert guidance. 
  • Creating a full brand guide to educate the Pix team on the strategies developed by Codelation so that they can implement those strategies themselves.

While the Pix team had a clear idea of what type of booths and services they wanted to provide, they were a little unsure about what they wanted their brand to look like visually. Nick and Deanna got to work utilizing their carpentry skills and doing every DIY known to man while the Codelation team started brainstorming their digital presence and launch. Working alongside our branding specialist, they were able to narrow down their color scheme and logo as well as the overall tone and feel of their brand. They also worked with our communications specialist to come up with a strategic approach to social media growth as well as generate a custom social media presence.


We provided the Pix team with a new brand identity consisting of a custom logo, color palette, graphic elements, and typography. On top of their newly developed brand, they also developed a strategic plan to grow their social media presence as well as implement planning tools to ensure their success. Our team also developed sample content to get their online presence up and running as they opened their front doors for the first time.

Excerpt from the Pix brand guide.

When asked about his experience working with the Codelation marketing team, Nick said “We loved working with the Codelation team, they helped us to see areas we weren’t considering for our target market and helped us to create a brand to align better with that market.”

Pix is set apart from the crowd of industry selfie studios not only because they are family-owned, but they are also more affordable and intend to connect their community through creativity. Our team was so thankful to be a part of the development of the Pix brand identity and cannot wait to see what the future holds for Pix. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the project or with the growth and development of our team.

If you’re ever near Idaho Falls, make sure to go visit Nick and Deanna at the Pix Studio or, check out Pix’s website here.

Pix on social media:

Facebook: @pixidaho

Instagram: @pixidaho

Tik Tok: @pixidaho

Check out Pix’s brand guide here.

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