Prairie Public Broadcasting

Taking a radio station to Amazon.

The Challenge

Design the next method of communication for a midwest radio and tv station that has been around for almost 60 years.

  • The Client
    • Prairie Public Broadcasting is a radio and television programming public service located in the Midwest.  Beginning with a single television transmitter in Fargo in the 1970’s, Prairie Public Broadcasting has grown to become the premier broadcaster of public television and radio programming throughout the prairie region. As the technology landscape continues to advance, Prairie Public Broadcasting was seeking a new way to communicate with their audience. 
  • Why Codelation?
    • 1 in 6 Americans owns a smart speaker, and Amazon’s Alexa device is the most common of them all. We knew Prairie Public Broadcasting could benefit from this powerful tool, and that we could build exactly what they needed.
  • What it does
    • The Alexa skill we built for Prairie Public Broadcasting lets users listen to their favorite programs in a seamless way they are already familiar and comfortable with.
      • Guides users as they use the app for the first time.
      • Choose between two available radio streams.
      • Access archived shows as podcasts.
  • Conclusion
    • We determined that an Alexa Voice skill would be the perfect supplement for the services that Prairie Public Broadcasting offers. We created a tool that lets listeners interact with their favorite radio service in a whole new way, allowing Prairie Public Broadcasting expand their market reach and stay on the radar of listeners who are shifting their listening methods.
  • Is Alexa right for you?
    • Alexa allows users to interact with your business through spoken word, even while they’re working on another task.
    • Start your own Alexa Voice Service.




The Outcome

We created an Alexa skill that allows Prairie Public's patrons to listen to recent podcasts and live radio with just a few spoken phrases.

Are You Ready?

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