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SaveCoin’s mission is to provide great deals to customers wanting to shop and experience more in their communities. ...


SaveCoin’s Update Helps Connect More People To Local Deals

SaveCoin’s Owner Stu Stockmoe was on the hunt for a great team to work with in a networking group that our owner, Josh Christy was also a part of. Stu had an already existing platform that needed a lift, and Codelation was just the crew to pull it off!

SaveCoin’s mission is to provide great deals to customers wanting to shop and experience more in their communities.

Stu wanted the SaveCoin site to run faster. Something was bogging down its loading times and needed a tune-up. It was important for our Software Development team to identify and clean up this issue.


SaveCoin’s three leading problems with the old website were:

  • Not fast loading due to how the old site was written
  • Having a template site that wasn’t tailored for their needs
  • Not having up-to-date processing of customer payments

Taking a look under the hood of SaveCoin’s old site revealed some unseen issues. “The codes were encrypted,” explained Software Engineer Suman Koirala, “We had no access to modify the code, making it inaccessible for maintenance work”.

While this was an issue, it also meant we were going to have the opportunity to update the site’s structure and design to better suit Stu and his customer’s needs. Providing the best customer experience would be significant in attracting more local people to join SaveCoin’s user base.


We worked along with SaveCoin to cover all their wants and needs for customers visiting the site. The team worked to solve some of these hurdles by:

  • Migrating SaveCoin’s old legacy site to a new site
  • Refreshing the website design 
  • Updating back-end payment processing


We provided SaveCoin with a new, streamlined and well-designed website to host coupons and deals. 

This fresh coat of paint will grab the attention of potential customers for years to come. The updated payment processing makes sure it is easier, and more secure than ever, for these customers to purchase deals, support local businesses, and enjoy everything their community has to offer.

The great migration

The previous site was a template written in PHP scripting language and held a huge amount of data. This  ultimately slowed down the entire site. This data needed to be combed through to see which data tables needed to be migrated into the new site and which could be omitted to streamline the build.

Software Engineer Suman put his skills to the test completing this, he said it was no easy task. “Migrating from the legacy site to a new site was a challenging project.” He expressed afterwards.

Design is a big “deal”

As with any website, how it looks helps with making good first impressions. While both sites, old and new, showcase cool coupons to be used locally, the new site has a more modern look.

One featured deal gets the spotlight front and center with large images and extra details to get potential buyers interested. These deals help drive business to local restaurants, shops, and experiences, which is extremely important to not only Stu’s mission, but our strong value of supporting those in our community as well. 

Processing Matters

With the migration, we needed to update how customer payments were processed. This new back-end payment processing makes it faster and more secure for users’ orders to go through. This peace of mind helps customers be more inclined to return and purchase more coupons.

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