Creating a platform for conversion using web push notifications.

The Challenge

Neil Patel wanted a free tool to give to his followers so that they could drive more traffic to their sites, but he needed it developed.

  • The client
    • Neil Patel, internationally-known marketing guru, wanted a free tool to give to his followers. He thought up a tool that increases traffic through the use of web push notifications.
  • Why Codelation?
    • Our team is able to build out virtually any type of tool, no matter how broad or specific it may be. With our diverse team of developers, a tool like Neil’s was a cinch for us to create.
  • What it does
    • This free tool allows users to drive more traffic to their website through the use of push notifications- the little notifications that appear in the upper corner of your screen.
      • Allows for customization of the subscription process.
      • Sends push notifications instantly, even if subscribers aren’t on your site.
      • Measures and analyzes site visits and engagement driven from push notifications.
  • Conclusion
    • The tool we created for Neil helped him expand his reach to his own follower base, as well as helped his followers to drive traffic to their own sites.
  • Is a custom web tool right for you?




The Outcome

We helped Neil create a platform for web push notifications to allow marketers to achieve click rates between 20% and 40%, which is unheard of in other marketing channels.

Are You Ready?

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