A small business phone system with big features.

The Challenge

Create a phone system for small businesses that sounds as professional as a large corporation’s.

  • The client
    • Booth is a phone system that we built for small businesses like ours. We understood firsthand the needs of small businesses and startups, and we wanted to build a communication tool that could benefit the people who felt the same challenges as we did.
  • Why Codelation?
    • Existing phone systems didn’t fit our needs. The basic ones lacked necessary tools like call forwarding and unlimited call handling, and the more developed systems were expensive and featured unnecessary tools we didn’t need. So, we created our own.
  • What it does
    • Booth functions as a phone system for small businesses, but sounds on the other end like a high-end phone system that large corporations use. It allows all calls to sound professional, while giving small businesses the convenience and assistance they need to stay organized while communicating with their customers.
      • Hour-based rules for forwarding calls complete with email and SMS notifications.
      • Toll-free or local numbers with unlimited call handling.
      • Software integration and auto attendant.
  • Conclusion
    • Our affordable phone system allowed us to communicate with callers the way we’d always wanted to, but could never find anywhere else. We offset the costs by offering the service to other small businesses, so that they could also benefit from a phone system designed with their needs in mind.
  • Do you have existing solutions that don’t fit your needs?
    • We take the time to understand the root of your business needs and create custom solutions for your business.
    • Check out what we can do with web apps.



The Outcome

We developed an affordable, easy-to-use phone system for small businesses that contains all the features necessary for businesses to grow.

Are You Ready?

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