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Where is that Food Truck?

Learn how a web app built by the Codelation team is helping people in communities connect with local ...

Where is that Food Truck?

I’ve always loved working with Codelation and always recommend them to other people in the community. They’ve been doing some amazing work and I can't wait to work with them again!

Brian Larry Where is that Food Truck?, ConnectLabs

Progressive Web Application created to aid businesses in their relationships with customers

Our main focus was to build something that would help food truck owners, learn more about their customers and allow them to take on more business with online ordering. For CEO Brian Larry, having a multi use progressive web app was the foundation to creating a great app that would help businesses be more successful. When he reached out to our team he asked if we would help them build a new web app that would be focused on creating customer connections through food, we were more than happy to make it happen.

Learn how a web app built by the Codelation team is helping people in communities connect with local food truck vendors and change the future of eating and ordering.


The main problems we set out to solve were:

  • Allowing businesses to gain insight on their customers to utilize it for marketing
  • Locating food trucks in the area and contactlessly pay and order online

Where is that Food Truck’s main goal was to grant food trucks the ability to find their target customers and apply marketing strategies to grow their business. 

“My app allows food truck owners to track their customers and eventually I want to roll out a loyalty program that rewards people for supporting these small businesses, because that’s really what it’s all about.” 

The secondary goal was to allow users to be able to remotely order and pay online for food on the go. 

“During the pandemic everything was going online and food trucks needed to adapt but with limited resources, they didn’t have a good platform or means to do it themselves” said Brian.


We started working with Brian and his team to help build a foundation for a web app that would help serve his company’s needs. We set out to solve some of these issues by:

  • Use customer data from orders to reach out to them through emails or text messages for further promotions and events
  • Adding  Google Maps and Square plugins to make it easy to locate and order from local food trucks.

When a user orders food from a food truck they put their information in and can opt in for updates on that specific food truck or event. When users do that they can get notified by Brian that their favorite food truck is going to be at an event or has a new menu item, the possibilities are endless. 

“Small businesses just don’t always have the time or resources to do marketing for themselves but it is so vital to increasing business so I offer that service to them as well. Being able to take customer data and use it to our advantage for marketing has been very beneficial to these businesses” says Brian.

Creating a progresssive web app that was easy to use and had great API integration was right in the wheelhouse for one of our developers, Suman Korila.

“Working with Brian required a lot of evolution on this idea to get it just right, but in the end it turned out very good. When it came to adding an API to allow users to search the area was very simple and he was very happy with the outcome”, said Suman.

Adding a plugin to tie in Square, which is an app that most small businesses use for the point of sale system, was a crucial step in the design and development of the app. Having this is what allowed people to order online and not have to wait in line for their food. 

“I wanted to allow people to have a skip the line feature by ordering online because no one wants to go to an event or be out with friends and have to wait in line for 20 minutes outside just to get their food” said Brian.

Good people, good work

Often, web and app design companies make the process of designing unnecessarily complicated, stressful, and confusing. But according to Brian, our team made his dreams become reality in a “very easy to understand” way that left him and his team “very satisfied with the results and design.”

Connections are key

Having a connected business solution and an online presence is key to creating a great business. Being able to connect a truck locator, menu, and payment system all into one was a very large task. 

Through the app, Brian has been able to create fun food truck themed events that have helped to connect the community such as the Food Trucks and Trails event that took place in July of 2021. 


Since the web app’s launch it has been adopted all across the country and has had thousands of daily users who are eating at food trucks every day. He also has plans for adding more features and tools to the app as time goes on.

“I’ve always loved working with Codelation and always recommend them to other people in the community. They’ve been doing some amazing work and I can’t wait to work with them again!” 

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