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Learn how Codelation worked to build a renters dream web app that allows renters and owners from all ...


Web App Helps Build the Future of Rental Real Estate.

Everyone has to rent something at some point in their lives, yet there isn’t a platform that consolidates all available rentals into one place… until now! When Micah Tweten, an entrepreneur and real estate enthusiast, reached out to our team about building a progressive web application that would connect owners and renters of just about anything, we were more than excited to be a part of it.

Learn how Codelation worked to build a renters dream web app that allows renters and owners from all over the country to connect and more importantly, rent!


The most prominent challenges Zentals was facing were the following:

  • The absence of a consolidated location for rental opportunities. 
  • Other rental platforms implement high fees and cuts that make renting difficult. 

Zentals had a desire to not only list their own properties and other physical assets, but wanted to evade the excess financial burden of listing through mainstream rental mediums. The conventional avenues for renters and owners simply weren’t cutting it. Codelation stepped up to the challenge to develop a solution.

Little things such as fees present on conventional rental mediums make a big difference. Gabe Wilberscheid, the lead software developer on the project, highlighted the importance of fully understanding the issues at hand in order to create effective solutions. Gabe stated, “When building a web app in a highly competitive space, the little things go a long way. It is important to take the time to understand your customers needs and wants, and then seek to implement them in the design of your product.”


To resolve the problems at hand, we began working with Zentals on clarifying ideas and building the web app. We ensured that Zental’s vision was being carried out while also allocating resources and responsibilities to various members of our team. The team brainstormed potential solutions and came up with the following:

  • Building the foundation for a new progessive web application capable of bringing Zentals concept to life.
  • Conceptualizing a flat rate system to implement into the application to avoid unnecessary financial hindrance.

While the Zentals team had an idea of what type of service they wanted to provide, they were unsure of how they wanted their web app to look, feel and behave. In working with software developer Gabe, a highly complex and advanced product was created and was able to connect renters and owners on a deeper level. The web app is more inclusive and less financially stressful than other established rental platforms.

When asked about solutions and successes of the project, Gabe stated, “We have a working minimum viable product (MVP) for our client to take to beta testing and get real world feedback. Now they can start to see what works and what might still need some tweaking. This is a crucial step in any startup’s journey.”

Consistent adaptations and new ideas created unforeseen obstacles throughout the process, but there is nothing the Codelation team cannot handle. The fluctuation in concepts actually made it possible for a more complex web app and left the Zentals team satisfied.


We provided the Zentals team with a brand new progressive web application which harnesses the capabilities of bringing the dream rental service that is Zentals, to life. Zentals will help keep renters and owners alike organized, efficient and stress free. Every listing is categorized by location, category, price, stay duration, pet restrictions and more! These kinds of specifications are not seen in competitors.

We are always learning as a team and after this experience, Zentals provided us the opportunity to reevaluate our current operations and replace them with well oiled mechanisms and processes to ensure a quality experience for our customers and our team. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the project as well as the growth and development of our team.

One Stop Shop

Zentals is now the best medium for all things rentals and has created an entirely new market for renters and owners respectively. You can now rent an ice rink for your son’s birthday, rent a condo for your family vacation, and even rent a plot of land for your cornhole tournament all in the same place! This makes Zentals a great competitor for sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Vrbo, and even AirBNB.

Fee Freedom

Owners are able to handle financial transactions individually and will have a consistent flat rate system which allows for a cost effective and stress free customer interactions. Zentals is changing the way real estate and rentals can be conducted and making renting easier for people all over the country.

“They are driven to change the way rental real-estate works. They are working to make their vision a reality, and after this part of the project, they are one step closer” stated Gabe.

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