Amy Shimek

When Amy found the technology of a hosted platform to be more than she had hoped, she turned to Codelation.
The Challenge
Amy has an amazing story and ability to help others. She needed her website to be able to tell that to the world.
The Outcome
We created a website for Amy’s business that reflects her story, personality, and brand.
  • The client
    • Amy Shimek is a success coach who focuses on helping women business owners achieve their goals. Amy needed technology to help her get her story and brand out to the people she knew would benefit from it most.
  • Why Codelation?
    • We understand the importance of matching branding with technology. First, we met with Amy to determine everything she needed and wanted in her technology. Then we worked to create a perfect blend of development, content, and marketing to help define her brand and let it shine.
  • What we did
    • We built a website for Amy that encapsulated both her personality and business. We wrote content to match her brand and crafted business and marketing strategies to keep the process and her business’s future on track.
      • Created a detailed strategy for Amy’s coaching business.
      • Website design and building.
      • Created blog and website content.
  • Conclusion
    • We helped Amy propel forward her online success coaching business through technology, content, and marketing, all while staying true to Amy’s brand.
  • Do you seek to empower others?