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Codelation Named One Of North Dakota’s Top Service Providers

Our team was recently listed as #3 on Clutch’s top B2B service providers of 2022! What does that mean? Who is Clutch? Why is it important and cool? This article is here to answer all of these questions.

Clutch is a leading reviews platform for IT, marketing, advertising, and other business service providers like us. Users can browse the directory of B2B (business to business) service providers to learn more about their options for various services, like the app development that we offer. Company profiles on Clutch can feature verified reviews, service lines, portfolio pieces, and various company stats to help visitors decide who to work with. Over a half million buyers and sellers use Clutch every month; it’s an exciting platform that is growing rapidly!

Codelation landed in the #3 ranking out of all North Dakota B2B providers on Clutch.

The team at Clutch reviewed B2B firms from across the state to formulate this year’s top 10 list for North Dakota. Their placement decisions are based on services offered, former clients, case studies, awards received, and social media presence. Codelation is among Nodak’s leading providers with strong potential to exceed client expectations.

Being recognized for the team’s creativity, drive, and overall awesomeness is very gratifying. It proves that our processes and craftsmanship are going in the right direction. Another reason why being recognized by Clutch in particular is very cool is that the platform is gaining notoriety and popularity in the B2B scene, meaning that their highlight is quite a compliment and may play a key role in our future success. We already see weekly site traffic coming from Clutch’s platform, so we are quite excited about the possibilities ahead.

Thank you to our amazing team, our fantastic customers, and the team at Clutch that performs their reviews and research. Improving our services and exceeding expectations are always among our top priorities at Codelation, and we can’t wait to continue providing outstanding development services for years to come.

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