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Codelation New Crew Spotlight

We’ve had quite a few new faces join our crew in the past month or so. It’s been exciting, crazy, and great to have more hands on deck to help. We felt it was long overdue to formulate an introduction, so here’s a blog sharing a little bit about our newest hires!

Our newest nerd is Grayson Lorenz. He joins our team as a Software Engineer II. Grayson lives with his family in Bismarck. He brings a lot of great dev experience to our team, which the whole crew is excited about. Since Erick has no grasp of development skills, he was mainly excited that Grayson has a nerd shelf with a bunch of toys and Transformers. He has also significantly contributed to our new Dungeons and Dragons Slack channel. He also has an adorable cat named Chester. We’ll just say that our whole team is excited about the collective skills and nerdiness Grayson is bringing to our team.

Our next newest team member is Meg Langhoff. She is UI/UX Designer. Meg recently graduated college from Fort Lewis College with a degree in Communication Design with a minor in Writing. We’re so happy to be her first step after graduation. She is living with her partner in Durango, Colorado. It’s an interesting state that has beautiful nature and elevation changes. The great part about the new workforce is that you can work from any picturesque place that inspires your creativity (as long as you have some internet, of course). They have a little kitten named Toadie and an axolotl named Napkin. Axolotls are unique animals that you may not have heard of before. They are cute little aquatic salamanders that look like this. She also really enjoys traveling, and we are always excited to have another adventurer join our ranks.

The next new team member that was on Erick’s to-find list was Brian Howey. He will be joining our team as Senior Project Manager. He and his family currently live in Fargo, but they are looking to move to be closer to his wife’s family in Argentina in October. Brian has tons of project management experience and was looking for a company to help him transition with his relocation. He was also interested in getting into more into software development projects. The last thing on his checklist was that he wanted to work with nerds. Codelation was more than happy to meet his needs. If looking for nerds coworkers, kulkneg got kigia! (That is Orcish for “we got that”) Brian has also been a very solid contributor to our DND chat…and we’re holistically excited about all the skills he brings to our team. 

The last newest member of our team for a hot minute is Chase Lindsay. Chase is from New York and graduated from Le Wagon Boot Camp. They are an international boot camp that focuses on rails development. We have had great success with devs from Le Wagon. If you are thinking of finding a remote position that lets you travel, get into the software industry! Chase has a dachshund named Pumpkin and is another traveler at heart. Wherever Chase will be clocking in from, we’re very confident his work will be awesome. 

How do you round out such a star-studded article? Well, thanks are surely in order. HUGE thank yous to Grayson, Meg, Brian, and Chase! You have been amazing so far, and we can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together in the coming months. If you happen to meet any of these amazing folks, please help us in welcoming them to the team!

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