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The results are in! We love to receive feedback from our clients. Check out what other businesses and startups are saying about the team at Codelation.

Codelation has the expertise to conquer a web redesign with a combination of awesome tech skills and humor. They were a great fit with our staff from the beginning. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with daunting tasks and ask ourselves, ‘how do we start this?’ Codelation provided a road map and a plan, plus lots of encouragement.

Kirsten Carolin, Construction Engineers

Codelation was committed, they cared about making this work right for us, and helping us understand what was going on.

Bill Thomas, Prairie Public Broadcasting

As a creative shop, our energy comes from and goes into content and design. In order to deliver that to the customer, we love working with our development partner Codelation. They allow us to focus on what we’re good at and still bring our vision to life.

Max Kringen, Tellwell

Codelation has helped me grow my app from idea to reality, not just from the code, but helping me navigate the entire tech landscape. They've stepped in with expertise that I haven't found from anywhere else.

Nick Horob, Harvest Profit

Not only have I’ve enjoyed getting to know Josh and his team, but they have earned my TRUST as one of the most experienced tech companies for web/mobile app development, startup consulting, and online marketing.

Michael Quinn, Michael Quinn Agency

Codelation's Blueprint Process is a simple and direct means for any business owner to develop a technical roadmap and lay out an effective growth strategy!

Kurt McSparron, The 100 Inc.

I’ve always loved working with Codelation and always recommend them to other people in the community. They’ve been doing some amazing work and I can't wait to work with them again!

Brian Larry, Where is that Food Truck?, ConnectLabs

My experience with Codelation was great. They had a lot of patience and understanding while we worked together to get my startup off the ground. I'd recommend Codelation to anyone looking for a practical and effective approach to building their MVP and enterprise solutions.

Diumerci Christel, Enlight

I would recommend Codelation.  In the months we’ve been working together, I’ve appreciated how quickly we have developed rapport and trust.  It’s difficult to learn to trust when meeting people solely over Zoom calls but the Codelation team has delivered quality work for us repeatedly and acted with great transparency and integrity.

Dr. Jesse Rue, Starfield

Codelation was able to take the mission of my nonprofit and visualize it into a website. They were able to take everything that made us stand out as an organization, from the colors of our logo, our overall energy and passion, and our work we do, into something people could clearly understand and most importantly want to help support. Being able to have a say in all of the different aspects of the site from the very beginning to the end of the creation process allowed us to have a website that was beyond what we could have hoped for. The team at Codelation always catered to our needs and built something truly wonderful. We are so grateful for all that Codelation has done!

Kayla Abramowitz, Kayla Cares 4 Kids

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