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Data Analytics: How to Leverage Data for Better Business Decisions

Understanding Data Analytics

Data is an essential part of the modern business environment. Companies that want to compete effectively need access to accurate and timely information about their customers, their market, and their competitors. Data analytics gives organizations the ability to turn data into meaningful insights that help them make better decisions. Data analytics can be used to identify customer preferences, understand customer behavior, identify customer segments, determine the needs and pain points of customers, understand satisfaction levels of customers as well as loyalty towards a company or brand, and identify new opportunities within your business. Below, we’ll discover what data analytics are, how data analytics can impact your daily business operations, how data analytics can be used to gain insight into customer behavior and guide product development, and how data analytics can be leveraged to target marketing efforts as well as contribute to the bottom line. 

So, what is meant by data analytics…?

What is Data Analytics

Data analytics is the process of examining data in order to find meaningful insight. Data analytics is used in many fields including marketing, finance, and accounting. The most effective use of data is associated with business intelligence, helping your organization make more informed business decisions.

Who is responsible for the analysis of data?

A data analyst on your team can make sense of the data and offer a deeper understanding of the data you collect from your business. Data analysts use a variety of methods to analyze their organization’s information and make better decisions based on their findings. This comes in the form of utilizing different languages and tools to assess data. Additionally, to using internal data, a data analyst may conduct surveys or interviews with your customers and clients to offer additional insight and gain a deeper understanding of your business.

Data analysts are also often responsible for creating data models that can help companies predict consumer behavior and trends. They may also work with other internal and external stakeholders to implement new technologies or software solutions for your company or clients.

Daily Business Impact from Data

Data is everywhere. It influences business decisions on a daily basis, whether you’re aware of it or not. Data analytics helps you make better decisions by bringing together different types of information and identifying trends in your data. Not only is data being brought in from newer and more creative sources, it’s also being generated at an increasing rate. As a result, there’s more pressure on companies to find ways to use their available information in meaningful ways that benefit both themselves as well as their customers. Businesses need accurate information about what’s happening within the company so they can make informed decisions.

As data continues to be more readily available in real-time, companies can leverage these new insights to improve day-to-day operations in the following ways:

  • Streamline existing processes by identifying where improvements can be made or reducing costs associated with those processes
  • Eliminate busy work and manual processes by discovering what parts of the business are redundant 
  • Increase the accuracy of scheduling to ensure you are staffed properly based on historical business projections for any given day 

Data analytics can also be used to predict future trends, which is why it’s so valuable in business. Data analysts are often tasked with helping their companies make better-informed decisions based on the information they collect and analyze. They may help identify areas of improvement or ways to increase revenue by examining data from sales and marketing efforts.

Customer and Product Insights

The analysis of customer data helps you understand what your customers want and how they use your product or service. This information can help you develop new products or services that meet their needs more effectively.

Predictive analytics can be used to help you predict customer behavior and make better business decisions. For example, you could use predictive analytics to identify which customers are likely to churn from your service or product. You might also use it to predict which products or services will be most successful in the marketplace based on factors such as price point, features, and benefits.

Use data analytics to gain insights into who your customers are and how they interact with your products. Defining business goals and looking into the following data points is a great start: 

  • Identify customer preferences
  • Understand customer behavior
  • Identify customer segments
  • Determine the needs and pain points of customers
  • Understand the satisfaction levels of customers
  • Understand customer loyalty toward a company or brand

Once there is meaningful insight derived from the consumer data, begin to identify where products and features can be optimized to best serve your customers’ needs and wants. 

Drive Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Data analytics provide businesses with the insights they need to make better decisions about product development and marketing campaigns. One way this is done is through the use of predictive analytics, which helps you identify potential new customers based on available data.

Data is collected from various sources such as website traffic analysis tools like Google Analytics, a customer’s transaction history, and social media engagement. The data is then analyzed using statistical techniques like regression analysis or cluster analysis. A company can then identify which customers are likely to buy a product or service in the near future. Understanding which customer segment is more likely to buy drives marketing efforts toward that segment. 

To further leverage the data, a company can create predictive models based on customer behavior patterns. These insights also lend themselves to being used in marketing campaigns as they can help companies target new customer segments as defined by the model.

Gain a Competitive Edge using Data Analytics 

Data analytics is a powerful tool for business, but it can be difficult to implement without the right tools. Many companies find that their existing BI and data management tools aren’t adequate for handling large amounts of real-time data from multiple sources. In these cases, companies often need to upgrade their infrastructure or invest in new solutions designed specifically for data analytics applications.

The most common challenge companies face when implementing data analytics is the need to handle high volumes of data. In addition, they may also need to analyze large amounts of data in real-time or near real-time. This means that companies must be able to collect and process large volumes of unstructured data such as video files, text documents, and social media posts.

Other advantages for companies making effective use of their data are sales performance and pricing strategy insights. Using data from different sources to identify sales performance and identify opportunities for improvement. Developing an insightful pricing strategy and learning how pricing affects consumer behavior by studying the price sensitivity of different groups of customers is another important application of data analytics


Data analytics is the process of examining data in order to find meaningful insights. It can be used in a variety of ways, from understanding customers to improving operations. Companies looking to gain a competitive edge use data analytics to identify market trends, develop new products and services, identify new opportunities and improve the effectiveness of existing products and services. By leveraging data, organizations can make more informed decisions that benefit their bottom line.

The list of possible uses for data analytics in your business is only limited by your imagination. Identify a problem that can be solved using data, and then use the right tools and techniques to get the most out of your data.

Have a project that requires insights from your data? Let’s talk! The team at Codelation is ready to help you bring that project to fruition. 

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