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Codelation understands how to partner with enterprises big and small that want to disrupt the status quo.

How we help enterprise
stay nimble



One of the biggest challenges for enterprises today is their ability to experiment with new innovations while managing risk and cost.

Our team helps you identify marketable opportunities within your current customer group in a more cost effective than doing it in house.


Product and Technical Strategy

Our team works with your stakeholders to better understand where the opportunities lie within your product roadmap. We work with both product and technical teams to help your internal initatives become successful.


Proof of Concept

Working with a low budget we can help you launch an initial Proof of Concept to help you get greater organization buy-in and secure ongoing support from customers, partners and stakeholders.


Continuous Innovation

Once you go live we’ll continue to manage your product analytics and results. We’ll meet regularly to discuss future features, updates and other ideas. Think of us are your development department on demand.

It takes more than great code to make a digital product that will work for your business. I'll be there to help you make the right decisions about your app along the way.

I'm Chris Orth, When you schedule your FREE call with me, you'll be gaining an ally who is excited to see your whole business succeed - whether we end up developing your project or not.

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