Our Expertise

We love small business and we feel that no matter the size of your company you should have resources to help you grow and expand.

Application Development

Through fast and iterative development sprints our dedicated team will be able to take your idea into a viable working solution. While everone is spouting the buzzword of Minimum Viable Product (MVP), there is solid logic in putting the least amount resources into the biggest return and learning what is most valuable.

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Web Design & Development

There are a never ending sea of options for getting your website built. At the end of the day the technology shouldn't matter. All that should matter is how visible you are to your target customer.

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Technical Consulting

Whether your business is looking to drive efficiency, capture new markets, or grow a new product line, a good technology plan can help pave the road to success. Our proven Blueprint Process allows us to unlock your business goals thorugh the efficient use of technology and roadmap success for the next 6, 12, or 18 months.

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Technical Sourcing

Technical sourcing, when done properly, can have huge potential for transformational value creation as well as significant potential risks, so it is important to receive independent advice on the most appropriate strategy and implementation. Our team enables clients to deliver their services and operations in a scalable and cost-effective manner that fully captures the potential of vendor sourcing.

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Project Management

By engaging Codelation you are able to bring our industry expertise to help support your team and keep your project on budget and timeline. The most complicated part of a technical solution is most often not the technology. Typically it is keeping the project on track, and adapting when needed can be the difference between a successful project and one that doesn't meet expectations.

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Systems Integration

Your business has a lot going on. You have business processes, software applications, and other things you wish you could keep a pulse on. You shouldn't have to manually migrate datea from your new point of sale into your legacy inventory solution. We're well versed in creating solutions to be able to migrate data from one system to another. By creating an automated solution with an audit trail you'll be able to know the data is going where it should, when it should.

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