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Innovation Redefined.

Codelation helps you translate and prioritize your best ideas into real software, apps, and websites. Then, let’s work together to successfully leverage your network, enter the market with a bang, and connect with your first paying customers.

Innovation Capabilities We Deploy

Innovation and thinking big is part of our DNA. We offer an awesome team with a diverse range of skills that draw on our experience working with unique clients and companies.

Codelation Inside

Does your business website need an overhaul? Perhaps you want to build the newest version of your app? We’ll get all hands on deck.

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Startup Studio

Validate and build your new business using proven techniques and guidance.

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Startup Services

Set your startup up for success by utilizing support from our team of dynamic nerds.

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Startup Services

Your big idea can shoot for the moon with support from our team of skilled software engineers, web developers, and marketers.

Research & Insight

  • Years of experience helping anyone, from early-stage startups to Fourtune 500 companies, bring their idea to market
  • MVP Validation

Strategy & Design

  • Business Strategy
  • Website Strategy & Design
  • App Strategy & Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Video/Photo Editing

Build & Manage

  • Web Apps
  • Apps
  • Wordpress Sites
  • Social Media Management

Startup Studio

We use this pathway to help foster innovation and sustainable growth for early-stage startups and beyond. Disrupt your industry and innovate faster while remaining competitive.


1 to 3 Months


Learn more about your target customers. Engage and validate any assumptions.


3 Months


Introduce your product to the market and gain a base of clients and fans.


3 Months


Get your MVP in front of early customers and understand where you can improve revenue.


3 Months


Plan out your product path and get the business aligned for growth.

Codelation Inside

Partnering together, we support Corporate Innovation and bring our awesome skills to the table inside your organization to teach you proven Codelation methodologies and improve your innovation process.

  • Ideate.

    Leverage Existing Assets

    • Innovation Thesis
    • Idea Management
    • Prioritization
    • Idea Management System
    • Portfolio Analysis & Design
  • Validate.

    Business Model Generation

    • Research & Insight
    • Market Positioning
    • MVP Development
    • Product/Market Fit
    • GTM Strategy
    • Demand Generation
  • Create.

    Build Business Portfolio

    • Strategy & Advisory
    • Branding & Positioning
    • Experience Design
    • Technology Development
    • Growth Marketing
    • Operator Success
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    We realize that funding might be the big roadblock holding you back from taking the leap into starting your business. If you need a hand, we can definitely give you some advice.

    Let’s work together and connect you to the funding you need. Many resources at your disposal that you might be unaware of, like grants for innovation.

    Whether you want to build your idea and stick with it for the long haul or build and exit, we know it can have success no matter the type of funding.

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