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From Idea To Done

Erick and Josh talk about big ideas, companies that are winning and those that aren’t, and current events in the crazy world of software startups.

Marketing Your Startup ft. Laura Caroon

Laura Caroon, Co-founder and President of Ladyboss Midwest, is our guest on our season premiere. We discuss marketing a startup versus an established business as well as Ladyboss’ origins. Laura also delves into how important building relationships is whileΒ  marketing a brand-new business.


Learn more about Ladyboss Midwest here: https://ladybossmidwest.com/
Ladyboss Midwest’s Retreat (March 3-5 2022): https://ladybossmidwest.com/retreat/

A Look Back At 2020

In the final episode of the season, we take a look back at the year 2020 and its challenges. Josh and Erick talk about things they’ve learned to appreciate more, what they’re looking forward to next year, and going after that dream. Thank you to our Codelation community for helping us get through this year, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Game Review: Among Us

On this week’s episode we chat about Among Us, a game we recently played as a team. Tyler, Suman, and Maddy join Erick in giving their thoughts on the game. We also talk about tips for working remotely.

Computer Science Education Week

In honor of Computer Science Education Week, Josh and Erick interview one of our interns, Tyler Persons! He tell us a little bit about himself and how he got into Computer Science. We also compare differences between coursework and the internship.

Parler & Social Media Evolution

In this week’s episode we discuss fact-checking and similar features on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Josh and Erick discuss if businesses like these should be able to filter what’s being posted on their platform. They also talk about the new social media platform called Parler and give their takes on its’ future.

Evolution of Shopping

The topic of this week’s episode focuses on the evolution of shopping, especially around the holidays. Erick and Josh talk about the changes in Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping over the past 15 years. They also touch on the newer concept of Small Business Saturday.

Launch Party Pt. 2

Josh and Erick discuss the recent launch of our client’s project, My Ideal Tracker. This is one of the first that has involved every portion of our team to bring to launch. We talk about helping clients past development and our plan to improve for our next all-team project.