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This week on the From Idea to Done podcast Erick and Josh discuss Codelation’s core values. We take a peek at the meaning behind each of the 5 company values and share our thoughts on them.

VO: Get ready for your semi-regular dose of random ideas from the guys at Codelation. We like to talk about big ideas companies that are winning, and those that aren't along with current events in our crazy world of software startups. So come along with Erick and Josh, who challenge you to think big, start small and turn your ideas into something on this episode of, from idea to done.

Josh: Hey everyone, I'm Josh

Erick: And I'm Erick. And this week's idea is having company core values. And this idea kind of came to me last week. When you asked me to look at our core values and kind of evaluate them. I decided, instead of doing that, I was going to interview you on our podcast, on our core values, chat with you a little bit, and then just kind of go through the thought process you had on selecting them because a lot of businesses are doing this now, then I'll evaluate them after hearing your reasoning behind each.

Josh: Sure.

Erick: Can we talk a little bit about the process of selecting these and when did you actually do it

Josh: We set these values probably about 18 months ago. Uh, we had some work sessions as a team on what we're struggling with and we wanted to put values in place in a way that, uh, helped us get there, which is why I was asking about re-evaluating re-evaluating them. I feel like, uh, they didn't need to be close enough to the team. Otherwise it gets so wishy-washy of integrity or honesty. I mean, shouldn't that just be,

Erick: Yes, you should be just honest in the workplace or at least if it is a core value, should it should be extended in terms of how you want it to or how you want the workplace, to be honest. And so we have our company north stars with these, and I'll just kind of start with our first one. And that's aligned vision. Josh, what were you and the team looking for when you pick this?

Josh: I wanted to make sure that we're all moving the same direction as a team and with our clients. Uh, you know, if someone's looking for, you know, a gun for hire and the cheapest they can get, it's not going to be us. If they aren't looking for options on how to make things better or another view, you know, it really isn't for us either. So I think it just helps us keep moving.

Erick: I think one of the most important aspects of any business really is finding customers that are on the same page as you, as well as kind of needing your services. Mutually beneficial business relationships are much better than fixing an immediate need. And this brings us to our next core value, which is growth mindset.

Josh: So with growth mindset, I always want us to get better. And this one's pointed at me as much as anybody, you know, stop making the same stupid mistakes.

: I like this a lot. I think stupid mistakes. Aren't bad. We're just gonna have to learn from them personally. The times I've moved on from a job is kind of when I was stopped learning and stop growing and I just got bored. And when I get bored, I kind of turned into an unengaged employee and that's when I kind of start to leave. And so I liked that value. Our next one that we're going to talk about is unwavering.

Josh: The reason that we chose unwavering commitment is a quote from our friend Jody Bach. And she's said, commitment is doing what you said you would long after the mood you set it in has left. Right? I feel like that's pretty powerful and it's, it's so easy to say, well, I just don't feel like doing that anymore. No, you know, we said we would get it done.

Erick: And realistically, the most successful people I know are the ones that are just that steady. They stick to whatever they're doing and are unfazed by the rest of life's madness. I really liked that one too. And so we'll move on to the next one, which is being impact driven.

Josh: You know, I really just want us to have the maximum impact and all that we do the thought is that if we can't make a visible impact, should we be doing it? You know, uh, I think it's a tough one because we're still taking on projects that maybe we shouldn't have just in the hopes to be able to help somebody.

Erick: And part of any business though, is kind of learn who you can bring the most value to. It's really hard to turn down projects as a small business, especially when all we really want to do is help people and just kind of got a focus that laser eventually though. And I think since I've come on, we've been better doing a much better job of kind of taking on projects where our team can actually add the most value. And that brings us to our next core value, which is community first.

Josh: So kind of the tagline under community first is that we value community over competition. I want to be active in our local community and building it back. But, you know, it's, it's more than that. We partner with, uh, a number of local firms that would typically be seen as competition to, you know, our service lines. Um, not everyone's a great fit for us and we're not a great fit for everyone. So there's plenty to go around. We just really want to make sure the client gets what they need and, you know, help them get there.

Erick: And I honestly, I don't consider anyone competition when the world stops having a need for websites and software development and turning ideas into businesses, then we'll have competition. We work closely with people that in normal business sense are our competition, but the work we do for them is what we are best at. And that kind of ties us back to being impact driven. So we made it. You haven't talked this much in depth with me about these core values since I started, how are you feeling about them? 18 months after our team came up with them?

Josh: I think we need to do an, I need to do a better job of leaning back into them and the why behind them. Otherwise they just don't matter at all.

Erick: Walk the walk. I actually, I like this and I think it's important to get inside your brain and kind of get a full understanding of our core values now that I know how you feel, I'll reevaluate them. And then we can have another episode on my thoughts. You also know my feelings on thoughts of saying things without taking action. I have feelings and also ideas we can implement. So we can live up to the quote on our website that says we hire work and live by these values.

Josh: Great. Now this whole ask about value started with a post-it note that I wrote to myself saying don't be a turd. I think the more opinionated, uh, that we can get gives really good indicator about a company and as people wait

Erick: And not be uttered. So thank you for listening to this episode. If you know a startup that could use a random advice and thoughts, you should have them subscribe and leave a review on iTunes.

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