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Josh and Erick discuss the new streaming platform on the block on this week’s From Idea to Done. Erick shares his love-hate relationship dynamic with Disney+ and more on this episode. The two compare it to other available streaming services and dig into what it offers.

VO: Get ready for your semi-regular dose of random ideas from the guys at Codelation. We like to talk about big ideas companies that are winning, and those that aren't along with current events in our crazy world of software startups. So come along with Erick and Josh, who challenge you to think big, start small and turn your ideas into something on this episode of, from idea to done.

Josh: Hey everyone I'm Josh

Erick: And I'm Erick. And this week's idea is the evolution of streaming television. And so I did it. I finally stopped being a butthurt collector and I downloaded Disney plus

Josh: A butt hurt collector. Well, um,

Erick: Well, okay. So before Disney plus came out, I was one of, of like very small segment of people that own like all the sibs and seasons and everything star wars has had it including like the old hand-drawn clone wars that used to play in five minutes shorts between cartoon network episodes on Fridays and as well as like all the Marvel movies and a lot of faulted Disney stuff and random, weird cartoons like gummy bears and rescue Rangers. And it just Disney devalued years of collecting and made my, basically my entire collection obsolete this October.

Josh: Yeah. Probably like one of six people is my opinion. Rescue Rangers. Oh yeah. You mean DuckTales, right?

Erick: No.

Josh: Um, anyway, uh, what made you change your mind?

Erick: The Mandalorian. I knew it was time and I was going to crack cause I just, I love star wars or at least everything that has ever been made in the star wars universe minus the movies. We don't have time to go on

Josh: Minus the movies. Ouch. That hurts. But we did an episode when I switched my family or to the streaming service of YouTube TV. Uh, what are your thoughts now with Disney plus?

Erick: It was awesome. Basically. It's kind of like niche streaming service for Disney star wars and Marvel fans, which as a young at heart nerd, I enjoyed it. And I'm, I'm the market.

Josh: What's a different for you from say like a Netflix or Hulu?

Erick: Nothing. It it's, that's the disappointing part for me. I mean it has Phineas and Ferb. It has the Mandalorian. It also had recess in some pretty awesome shows that I forgot about, but there's, there's really nothing different about it. The thing Netflix really worry about though, is that Disney kind of owns so much creative rights and they have generations worth of entertainment.

Josh: Gotcha. Yeah. You know, I'm feeling like every channel is now having their own app and its entire, you know, the entire world of HBO is, uh, good on Netflix for producing their own content. Any who there's, we're here to talk about Disney. I think they did a good job with it. The kids like it and I get my whole smash movies.

Erick: I give it a B I love the Mandalorian Disney just kind of stole the revolutionary app idea of entertainment from Netflix and now they're making fans pay them. Instead of Netflix, the part I liked is that they're taking their creative copyrights and doing on their own, expanding them. I'm excited to see the next season of clone wars and the standalone Obie one series and just more Mandalorian. I want them to create more original content with things like Marvel and all the other kids' programmings. And you know, if they can do that, they'll get an A from me

Josh: That's totally fair. So thank you for listening to this episode. If you know a startup that could use our random advice and thoughts, have them subscribe and leave a review on iTunes.

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