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Evolution of Shopping

Last Updated on November 24, 2020

The topic of this week’s episode focuses on the evolution of shopping, especially around the holidays. Erick and Josh talk about the changes in Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping over the past 15 years. They also touch on the newer concept of Small Business Saturday.

Hey Everyone! I am Josh, and I’m Erick

E: This week’s idea is holiday shopping in 2020. Cyber Monday is on my birthday this year. It’s right after Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. I feel like in our lifetime shopping has just crazily evolved. As an app development company, I just kind of wanted to chat about that evolution. Christmas is coming. How has shopping for your family changed from your first Christmas with your wife?

J: Our first black friday was 12 years ago so i’d say it has changed a good deal. That was very much a time to go stand in line. Something I never did, but I hear people did.

E: I come from a retail background. I remember getting up at 3 to go to work Black Friday, and fighting crowds, lines backed up around the store, people in line a different stores talking via walkie talkie. It was absolute madness, and I freaking loved it. I tend to embrace life’s madness more than others.

J: I worked on black friday in college at Best Buy. That was about the end to my retail experience.

E: Now it has changed completely. Full disclosure I kind of miss it. Since I always had to work them, what I would actually do is go out the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Then I would buy anything on endcaps in busy sections of the store at full price. Then I would go back into target on Friday after working my 3-noon shift. I would take my receipt, and say, some of these things I just bought went on sale. Then they would take literally hundreds of dollars off my purchase. I didn’t have to wait in line for 3 hours to check out, and felt like a boss .

J: Slick. Yeah I never did any black friday shopping. Getting up super early to stand in line, wait in the cold, for a chance on a cheap off brand tv? Naw, i’m good.

E: (Assuming you hated black Friday) Everything in the world that is an annoying problem, turns into a new way of doing things. That is our whole business model. Build a new solution. To combat how stupid it was to wake up at 3, put retail teams in actual danger, and pull people away from their families on Thanksgiving…and to get rid of excess inventory stores bought on things that didn’t sell well. Cyber Monday was invented. I actually rarely, if ever have bought things on cyber Monday. Josh do you participate in the Mega Cyber Monday Deals?

J: I used to do a lot of Cyber Monday Deals. However now it seems like any day can turn into a series of special deals, so its lessened the impact of it.

E: I did end up getting some things last year online. I will say I do like the ability to have access to universal inventories instead of being limited to just one store. I need to buy ALL of the Muppet Babies for my niece.

J: Yeah there is this thing called Amazon that I know you aren’t a big fan of.

E: All these new mega companies created a new problem. Small businesses were closing. To make a solution to that, we now have Small Business Saturday. As the owner of a small business, can you talk a little about your thoughts on Small Business Saturday?

J: I think its a good thing to support small business. I don’t do as good of a job as I’d like. You know the excuses of convenience and everything.

E: This year more than ever, I want to participate in this. I don’t need a video game. I need a gift card to Replay Games to buy it from CJ. I’d like to get gift cards for restaurants I like, and do the same for gifts for my family. How are you going to approach shopping differently this year, or will you do it different?

J: For us we’ve gotten in the habit of making gifts for people. We do a lot of granola, candied fruits, chocolates. Things like that for the adults. Still for gifts for the kids.

E: Again, it is crazy how much this has evolved in our life. What do you think is the next step?

J: Well I mean we are in the middle of same day delivery by Amazon and Walmart.

E: I think they are going to be delivering things via drones that look like Santa’s sleigh. That is probably enough of our thoughts on shopping.

J:Thank you for listening, we’re hoping you know of a startup that could use our advice and  random thoughts. Send them over to codelation.com to hear the next podcast.