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Launch Party Pt. 2

Last Updated on November 24, 2020

Josh and Erick discuss the recent launch of our client’s project, My Ideal Tracker. This is one of the first that has involved every portion of our team to bring to launch. We talk about helping clients past development and our plan to improve for our next all-team project.

Hey Everyone! I am Josh, and I’m Erick

Erick: Today’s idea is bringing happy birthday My Ideal Tracker. This is a follow up to our last episode talking about launching a product. So here we go this is the week. Dr. John launched my Ideal Tracker. Our whole team actually worked on this. This is the first time all three teams have touched a product. I am really overall happy with how this trial by fire ended up going. There were a few bumps along the way, and plenty to learn from. At the end of the day though Yesterday John hosted a launch webinar for a very specific list of potential customers. We helped polish the app landing page, wrote an email campaign to drive participation in the launch webinar, and made a great walk through video John was able to feature that during his presentation. Josh what are your overall thoughts on our first launch celebration?

Josh: Well, Dr John was ecstatic about the work that went into it. So I’ll start there. I think it is a great thing for us to lean into as a unique value prop for our customers.

Erick: It does’t take too much to get me excited about things, but this project to me was a game changer. One of the things that we talk to our startup community is what differentiates your business. I have not run into any other development companies that want to help customers market their product to find their customers. Do you think our launch party differentiates us?

Josh: Absolutely, launching a product that you are expecting to grow revenues off of is way different than publishing a blog post and creating a content schedule. I mean there is value to those other tasks as well. But as we’ve grown we’ve been able to help with so much more than just the development, its the planning and now the growth as well. So that makes me really happy.

Erick: Helping with marketing is something we’ve already talked to with some of our other app builds. I think we kind of ran into similar problems that our dev team runs into when building apps. As we worked against our plan, we kind of had to shift gears a couple times. Other people got involved in the planning and changed it along the way. Again, this is really similar to when we build apps. I think better communication across the teams, and during the process will be something I want to improve on. A little better time management would help this go a little smoother. What are your thoughts on how we can make this work better for our next all team project?

Josh: I think it all goes back to standardizing processes and documenting them as a living system. We have a way of doing things that only changes by someone saying we are going to change. Plus we’ve been using a great tool called Parallax who’s been on the From Idea to Done Podcast before, shoutout to Tom and Dave, which is really helping us from a time management and scheduling perspective so win there as well.

Erick: As we help John celebrate his launch. I also think we need to take a little time as a team to celebrate this accomplishment too. I’m thinking as a team. I make everyone download the Among Us app. Then we take a little time having a happy hour trying to figure out which one of us is a murderer. Did you have any internal celebration thoughts, and/or some ideas on how we can celebrate?

Josh: I think you do a much better job about celebrating the wins than i do. I’m much more of …. welp we’ve done it, now onto the next. I do think some sort of internal congrats needs to happen. And I think a little video games and chicken wings sound appropriate.

Erick: Again, overall I think we need to celebrate. John needs to celebrate taking an idea further than 99% of other good ideas, and I am really excited to be able to bring this different approach to customers in the future. Did you have any final thoughts?

Josh: Looking forward to seeing how quick he can take his idea into his first paying customer and then growing that into hundreds.

Erick: Happy birthday My Ideal Tracker! Thank you for listening, we’re hoping you know of a startup that could use our advice and  random thoughts. Send them over to codelation.com to hear the next podcast.