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Let's get geared up for startup success! Join Josh as he interviews knowledgeable guests from all corners of the entrepreneurial world and gets the answers to the questions you've been asking. Get ready to learn something new on this episode of From Idea to Done.

Computer Science Education Week

Codelation's Tyler Persons shares how he got interested in Computer Science studies.

Parler & Social Media Evolution

We chat about the new social media platform, Parler, and fact-checking on other sites.

Evolution of Shopping

How has holiday shopping changed over the years? We discuss Black Friday and Small Business Saturday in this episode.

Launch Party Pt. 2

We follow up after My Ideal Tracker's launch webinar and talk about improvements for future all-team projects.

Launch Party

Hear about the importance of celebrating everything from small victories to official launches.

Xbox, Playstation, and SaaS

Hear about the SaaS model being used in the gaming industry and other industries.
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Leveling Up: Cross-Training in the Workplace

Pictured above: A 3D rendition of Legolad, Erick’s charismatic bard character in D&D. Not Pictured: Legolad’s choice instrument, the kazoo. By ...

Goat Quest

How does one even begin to tell the Codelation cultural victory that was Goat Quest? Nowadays, people think ...

Codelation New Crew Spotlight

We’ve had quite a few new faces join our crew in the past month or so. It’s been ...

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