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From Idea To Done

Erick and Josh talk about big ideas, companies that are winning and those that aren’t, and current events in the crazy world of software startups.

Xbox, Playstation, and SaaS

It’s time for the battle of the consoles! Josh and Erick discuss Microsoft’s new option to rent the Xbox console per month. They talk about SaaS (software as a service) models and the expansion of similar models in non-software industries.

Should You Find A Cofounder?

In this episode we tackle the question of is finding a cofounder the right route for your startup? Erick and Josh note the importance of being aligned, having good communication, and having complementary skills with a cofounder. Josh also shares the thoughts you should go over before bringing in a cofounder.

EDUcal Pt. 2

Education truly is in an age of evolution. This week’s episode is a reflection on the previous EDUcal episode. Erick tells us about his agenda adventures back in the day and Josh gives insight into life with kids that are in school. They also discuss how Codelation helped EDUcal take its’ next steps with a mobile app.

Check out EDUcal here:Β https://educalonline.com/

EDUcal ft. Tyler Leidholm

This week’s episode features Tyler Leidholm from EDUcal. EDUcal is a classroom collaboration tool that helps connect teachers, students, and parents. Tyler shares the origins and application of EDUcal in Fargo Public Schools and beyond.

For more information about EDUcal, visit here:Β https://educalonline.com/

When Should I Find An Investor?

On this week’s episode Josh and Erick discuss when you should start searching for your first investor. Josh gives insight on the differences in getting investors at your seed stage, early stage, or growth stage. They chat about options in where to get funding as well.

Should I Pay With Equity?

Paying with equity is the topic of this week’s episode. We chat about taking time to consider if paying or receiving equity in a small business is the best option for you. Erick and Josh also discuss their past experiences with getting paid in equity.

What Is My MVP Going To Cost?

This week’s discussion focuses on MVPs, or minimum viable products. We go over what it means, questions we ask before building one, and the big question – How much does it cost to build an MVP. Josh also discusses a related term for a product, SLC or simple, lovable, and complete.