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Let's get geared up for startup success! Join Josh as he interviews knowledgeable guests from all corners of the entrepreneurial world and gets the answers to the questions you've been asking. Get ready to learn something new on this episode of From Idea to Done.

When Should I Find An Investor?

Most startups need external funding at some point. When is the best time to get investors involved?

Should I Pay With Equity?

Tune in and learn if paying or receiving equity in a small business is the best option for you.

What Is My MVP Going To Cost?

Are you wanting to build a minimum viable product? Learn what to consider before investing.

Agile Policies

What happens when policies need to adjust for unforeseen circumstances? We talk about Codelation adapting for the safety and comfortability of the team.

Team Week Recap

Josh and Erick revisit goals they made for the weeklong event and discuss if the team hit the mark or not.

App Review: Hinge

We take an inside look at how Hinge differs from other dating apps currently on the market.
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