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From Idea To Done

Erick and Josh talk about big ideas, companies that are winning and those that arenโ€™t, and current events in the crazy world of software startups.

Book Review: No Man’s Land By Doug Tatum

On this weekโ€™s episode we review No Manโ€™s Land: Where Growing Companies Fail by Doug Tatum. We talk about the four Mโ€™s featured in the book; Market, Management, Money, and Model. We also discuss how culture can help teams get through rough or slow patches, driving forward motion.

Software Review: Parallax Pt. 2 ft. Tom O’Neil

Our featured guest this week is Tom O’Neil, cofounder of Parallax. Tom shares how and why Parallax came into existence. Josh also asks Tom how the transition was going from a large dev shop to smaller startup. Tom and Erick discuss how to build and maintain the unique company culture based around software engineering. They also chat about keeping connected while teams are working remotely.

Learn more about Parallax here: https://www.getparallax.com/

Software Review: Harvest

In this week’s episode Josh and Erick talk about Codelation’s recent team integration of Harvest, a time tracking software. They discuss the benefits of not only being able to track billable hours, but also being able to see where gaps need to be filled by hiring extra team members.

Learn more about Harvest here: https://www.getharvest.com/

Company Culture and Engineering ft. Jake Joraanstad

Jake Joraanstad of Bushel is our awesome guest this week. He shares how Bushel came to be and gives pointers on raising funds. Erick and Jake chat about keeping company culture strong as you increase your team. Jake highlights the big question of โ€œWhy Fargo?โ€ in terms of serving as a home base for Bushel and other companies.

Learn more about Bushel here: https://bushelpowered.com/

Mergers and Company Growth ft. Michael Zuercher

This weekโ€™s podcast features Michael Zuercher from Prismatic. We discuss his past venture, Zuercher Technologies, and how they took on a merger and eventual exit. Erick asks about how their company culture evolves while the company scales. Michael also shares some advice for new entrepreneurs.

Learn more about Prismatic here: https://prismatic.io/

Matt Paulson From MarketBeat Talks About Email Marketing

Matt Paulson, entrepreneur and author, is our guest on this weekโ€™s episode. Erick and Josh ask about MarketBeat and his book Email Marketing Demystified. Some of the topics covered this episode include platform risk and tips for email list marketing.

Learn about MarketBeat here:ย https://www.marketbeat.com/
Get the book Email Marketing Demystified here:ย myemailmarketingbook.com
Learn more about Matt here:ย https://www.mattpaulson.com/