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Let's get geared up for startup success! Join Josh as he interviews knowledgeable guests from all corners of the entrepreneurial world and gets the answers to the questions you've been asking. Get ready to learn something new on this episode of From Idea to Done.

Launch Party

Hear about the importance of celebrating everything from small victories to official launches.

Xbox, Playstation, and SaaS

Hear about the SaaS model being used in the gaming industry and other industries.

Should You Find A Cofounder?

Are you thinking about having a cofounder join your startup? Take a listen to this episode before taking the leap.

EDUcal Pt. 2

We reflect and talk more about EDUcal and its application with in-person and virtual learning.

EDUcal ft. Tyler Leidholm

Learn how EDUcal is helping students, teachers, and parents communicate more effectively.

When Should I Find An Investor?

Most startups need external funding at some point. When is the best time to get investors involved?
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