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Let's get geared up for startup success! Join Josh as he interviews knowledgeable guests from all corners of the entrepreneurial world and gets the answers to the questions you've been asking. Get ready to learn something new on this episode of From Idea to Done.

Book Review: No Man’s Land By Doug Tatum

Learn about the 4 M’s featured in No Man’s Land by Doug Tatum; Market, Management, Money, and Model.

Software Review: Parallax Pt. 2 ft. Tom O’Neil

Hear how and why Parallax came to be what it is today.

Software Review: Parallax Pt. 1

We review Parallax, a software used by the team to plan out project timelines and more.

Software Review: Harvest

Hear the benefits of integrating Harvest to track billable hours per team member.

Company Culture and Engineering ft. Jake Joraanstad

Learn tips on raising funding and keeping company culture strong.

Mergers and Company Growth ft. Michael Zuercher

Hear about the experience of Zuercher Technologies' merger and exit.
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