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From Idea To Done

Erick and Josh talk about big ideas, companies that are winning and those that aren’t, and current events in the crazy world of software startups.

Nick Horob from Harvest Profit Discusses Employee Equity

Special guest Nick Horob discusses Harvest Profit, his business that offers business software to grain farmers. How ghost equity works for employees at Harvest Profit, how true stock options work, and deciding which feature requests need to be made are just a few of the topics discussed in this episode. Josh and Erick take a moment in the postshow to share their thoughts about the discussion with Nick.

Learn more about Harvest Profit here: https://www.harvestprofit.com/

App Master’s Steve Young On Focusing On Your Marketing

Steve Young of App Masters is our special guest this week to discuss marketing your app! Josh, Erick, and Steve chat about the importance of focusing on the main feature that will set your idea apart. Having a narrow target audience and being able to have people understand your pitch in a few words are two other important topics covered in this episode. Josh and Erick also chat more in the postshow about what Steve discussed.

Learn more about Steve and App Masters here: https://appmasters.com/

Josh And Erick Chat About Crisis Communication

Josh and Erick focus this week’s episode on the importance of keeping your team connected during crisis situations. They discuss how Codelation has been trying to keep our teams connected while working remote through business update videos, conference calls, etc.