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From Idea To Done

Erick and Josh talk about big ideas, companies that are winning and those that aren’t, and current events in the crazy world of software startups.

Game Review: Animal Crossing New Horizons (Pt. 1)

Marketing intern Maddy Boecker is our guest on this week’s episode to discuss Animal Crossing New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch. Erick asks questions about the game and how Maddy would rate it. Next week after Erick has had time to play we’ll see how he likes the game as well!

Our Favorite Apps for Remote Working

Erick and Josh chat about apps that are extremely helpful for working remotely. Zoom, Loom, and Slack are some favorites that our team has been using. They also discuss some modes of communication from internet’s past.

Growth and Downloads ft. Sean Casto

Our special guest this week is Sean Casto from PreApps, a leading app marketing agency. We discuss what it takes to have your young app grow and gain the traction that you’re looking for and validating app ideas. Sean also talks about the pros and cons of marketing an app during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more about PreApps here: https://www.preapps.com/

The World’s Largest Work from Home Experiment

On this week’s episode of From Idea to Done, Erick and Josh discuss working from home. The Codelation team is partially remote on a regular week, but now the whole team is working from home. The duo shares their favorite apps to keep everyone connected and productive while being away from the office setting.


Company culture is the topic on this week’s From Idea to Done podcast. Erick has devised an extra special event for the company, the Nerdlympics! Erick and Josh discuss the plan for this video game competition that will be taking place at Replay Games in Fargo.