Episode 1

Pilot Episode

Welcome to the pilot episode on From Idea to Done. We like to talk about big ideas, companies that are winning and those that aren’t, and current events in our crazy world of software startups

Are we doing it?

Erick Roder 0:01
Alright, I think we’re just going to

kind of jump into Josh, what are we? What are we doing here today?

Josh Christy 0:08
Are we doing it?

Erick Roder 0:09

It’s recording, I hope.

Josh Christy 0:14
Well, I wanted to welcome everyone to our new podcasts from idea to done to where we bring you actionable advice every day to help move your startup forward.

Erick Roder 0:21
And this kind of sprung from from just a marketing standpoint. And that kind of gets into our introductions. When I came on, I wanted to start a little, a little talk show that we would air and then I bring on guests of people that I liked, and people doing great things in our community. And after the first couple shows on I was like, well, you don’t even talk about what you guys do at all. And so

marketing fail, but at the same time, one of our core values is community. And I like that show. But I do want to highlight what we’re doing as a marketer. I think you as an owner, one mind that as well.

Josh Christy 1:03
Yeah, I certainly wouldn’t mind more people know what we do.

Erick Roder 1:09
And I think that what’s interesting for me working here, is we have such a different perspective on stuff. Like, I’m the idea, a dreamer, marketing communicator, that’s me. And then I work with this team of people that are completely shifted focus, where they’re like, Okay, this is your idea. And their whole business has basically taken an idea, good idea, tearing it apart, and making it into a real thing. And so that’s kind of the basis,

base idea of kind of the show here.

Josh Christy 1:43
And who are you?

Erick Roder 1:44
Oh, I’m Eric Roder, and

business development for Codelation.

None of my guests have ever asked that before. So that’s, that’s kind of exciting.

Unknown Speaker 1:53
And I’m Josh Christy, the founder of Codelation, and just to kind of echo Eric’s words, is, we work with a lot of early stage startups, and we just kind of wanted to take the opportunity to to start sharing some of their experiences, our experiences, with anyone that’s willing to listen, and really looking to break this down into, you know, five different categories of information that we’re trying to try to help people with. The the first one that we’re looking at is just general advice. And this is where Eric and myself, we’re going to share how we help advise our clients with their startups.

Erick Roder 2:34
Right. And I think that

Unknown Speaker 2:37
even if people don’t follow the, it’s always good to talk about it. And that’s kind of that’s the thought behind that kind of category. Another one that we want to do is just interviews, we want to interview some of our customers, we want to friend base to just kind of share what they’re doing in their business, and to get a little bit better feel on projects that we’ve actually worked with. And then this has kind of taken the marketer and the nerd. The next couple ones, I’m gonna I thought of this random episode idea where we take things like the moon landing, or inventing cars, and have someone say, Oh, hey, I have this idea. We should look at the moon, we should go there and then have Josh kind of reverse engineer it, because that’s what he does.

Unknown Speaker 3:30
If we could take our strategy for our clients and apply it to something that was done. You know, in the past, like Eric said, the moon landing or, hey, what’s a combustion engine, I don’t know where this part of the the series is going to go. But I think it’d be kind of kind of a fun exercise to not really have a direction and it just talk about random stuff and then to flip 180 degrees, the other direction, as I read a lot of books, and I’ve had I don’t, I’ve had a lot of people tell me, it would be really great just to get a quick five minutes and opposite of what is this book about? And should I care? And so we’re going to do that.

Josh Christy 4:03
We’re going to share our favorite reads, that you can apply to your startup. So that’s, that’s the fourth kind of category that we’re going into. And then the last thing we really want to talk about is just kind of current events, or I think it’s our job in our field to stay up to what’s going on in the world of business in the world of tech. And let’s chat a little bit about some random ideas. And so So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 4:18
I guess the people, people listening right now and just kind of go into our asked

Erick Roder 4:36
mom, close friends, if you just want to listen to the next few episodes, just

just just to give us a shout. I

think it should be fun.

Unknown Speaker 4:46
All all 10s of you people that are hearing this right now. Yeah, we’ve got, we’re going to try to keep this on a daily ish schedule. So we’d love to hear what you guys think of the the format of the show, what you’d like for us to talk about, find us on your favorite social media channel, or directly at Codelation.com. And we’d love to hear what you guys want us want us to be talking about. So we’re going to try to get you in for some

Erick Roder 5:15
real episodes coming up.

Unknown Speaker 5:16
We’re going to try to keep all of our episodes right around that five minute mark. And I see we’ve just tripped over that. So I guess that’s all for today.

Erick Roder 5:23

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