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Gabe’s Wild Ride- Meet Software Engineer Gabe Wilberscheid

Last Updated on April 15, 2021

You may remember from a previous newsletter that we had some fresh faces in our office (and in the virtual office); Gabe Wilberscheid is one of these new hires that is raring to go. Hailing from Fargo, North Dakota, Gabe is ambitious and has an eye for business and more. He studied Accounting and Business at UND and the University of Montana for one year each, followed by earning a degree in Computer Science at MSUM.

His family also seems to have the ambitious gene! Gabe’s father opened the Fargo Basketball Academy (Gabe was an instructor there for many years!), his mother is a Marketing and Communications Specialist at Bobcat, and his two younger sisters – Marisa and Samantha – are both studying towards degrees. Two other members of the family include Milo and Darkness, Gabe and his girlfriend Nicole’s cute cats!

Important question: What is Gabe a nerd for? He loves comedy, and has interest in its philosophy and joke structures. He also nerds out over space, philosophical and economic ideas, and watching videos about movie plots and details. You might find him in the great outdoors snowboarding, hiking, or playing tennis and pickleball. Gabe also enjoys adding to his plant collection (and protecting said plants from destruction by furry pawed trouble-makers).

Gabe and Nicole in Oregon.

While Gabe lived in Montana continuing his business studies, he opened up his own ecommerce clothing company. This company specialized in selling clothing made out of hemp and bamboo fabrics. Did you know that hemp fabric is one of the strongest natural fibers, hemp plants are naturally pest-resistant, and it’s a negative carbon crop? What an eco-friendly alternative to other textiles that use more resources to be processed!

Gabe used Shopify to build his ecommerce site, but realized the mobile view was not up to snuff. He rolled up his sleeves and started learning HTML and CSS on his own, finding that he had a strong interest in learning more! His journey brought him back to the Fargo-Moorhead area to attend MSUM and get his Computer Science degree along with a Math minor. In addition to web design, Gabe juggled all aspects of his business on his own including graphic design, social media, marketing funnels, and sourcing manufacturing in China along with importing to the US.

What caught Gabe’s eye and brought him to join our ragtag crew? “I was interested in Codelation because it is a smaller company where employees aren’t just a number,” Gabe shares. He was intrigued by the many custom development projects our team has done as well. Gabe adds, “I also was interested to work with entrepreneurs and to bring their ideas to life.” We are extremely excited to have another person like Gabe that has the interest, great attitude, and diverse skills to help our clients succeed.