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Giveaway Winner: Nature of the North

We’re excited to share that the winner of our Startup Studio marketing giveaway is Nature of the North! Nature of the North focuses on growing Fargo-Moorhead’s outdoor community through a variety of events and workshops. It was founded in 2016 by Jon Walters, lover of nature and a Wisconsinite. After a few years of hosting workshops, they opened up a brick and mortar space in 2020. This new space features a rock climbing wall and community space.

Jon applied to our giveaway stating that Nature of the North needs to work on their public awareness in the community. They are already offering amazing services, but are in need of more people to know they’re here and join in. We can’t wait to team up with their crew and help grow their awareness and in turn, their community of nature-lovers.

Of course, we had a difficult time voting for the winner amongst our team. There were so many great applicants. We want to take a moment to give them a shout-out as well. Thank you to Cass Clay Community Land TrustVisibleHand, Xtra Apparel, Mutt’s Pourhouse, Set Your RentDaily EnglishBlooming Baby UltrasoundLunch Aid North DakotaSoul Solutions Recovery Center, and Rescue House Church for applying. Please check their amazing services as well; we need to show small businesses and nonprofits some extra love and support this year. Each of our applicants will be given complimentary access to our Startup Happy validation tool as a thank you for being a part of giveaway.

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