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Grants For Innovation In ND And MN

Don’t Overlook Great Resources For Your Budding Business

The Midwest might not be the first place people think of as a bustling area for entrepreneurs and inventive startups, but I’m sure if you’re reading this you probably know otherwise. There are programs that support both North Dakota and Minensota businesses in the form of guidance and grants.

Innovate ND
Innovate ND provides the entrepreneurial community of North Dakota with resources to help them thrive and grow. The program features the opportunity for four phases of funding to help you through any growing pains throughout the course of 27 months. Business coaches are also available to help with expert guidance when you need it.

Launch MN
Launch MN is a similar program offering grants across the border. They are always on the hunt for promising technology startups in Minnesota. They have a few grants available to innovative businesses; there are grants for business operations and housing or child care among others. Their site highlights past recipients and their inventive tech businesses too!

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