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Harvest Profit Acquired By John Deere

Our First Client To Go From Idea To Done to … Exit!

On November 12, 2020, John Deere announced their acquisition of Harvest Profit, the maker of farm management software.

The software helps farmers track their profits and losses in real time, giving farmers the numbers they need to make financial decisions. If you weren’t aware, this gem was started right here in Fargo by Nick Horob, and our team at Codelation helped create the first iteration to get them going.

Planting The Seeds

Back in 2015, when Nick came to us, he was looking to put together a calculator to help farmers. After initial market feedback, he realized there was a much bigger opportunity that his customers were needing — an intuitive business software specifically for them.

Seeing Them Sprout

Over the next two years, we were able to help take Nick’s industry expertise and turn his idea into a product. For us, this is the ultimate win for idea validation. Nick didn’t just build something that he thought was cool. There was a known pain point for his audience that he was able to tap into before writing a line of code.

Watching Them Grow

Harvest Profit was eventually able to hire their own employees and take care of continued improvements and versions. Integrations with things like Agrimatics Libra Cart, Fieldview, and John Deere Operations Center only added to their value as they grew. Their clientele now includes over 650 happy farmers across the continent, with many more on the horizon.

We want to wish Nick and the team at Harvest Profit a big congratulations from the bottom of our hearts. We’re excited to see how it continues to grow.

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