How We Work

Launching a new idea is scary, we get really excited about it, then we start thinking about all the ways it won’t work.

What if there was a better way. What if you could know the right customers to target, the right pricing strategy, and the right product to build before you write a line of code?

That is why Codelation is different. We don’t just build the software – we help you figure out all of the other things that are the true indicators of success or failure.

Idea Validation
We guide you through the process of exposing your idea to your target audience and obtaining invaluable feedback to ensure you are on the right track before you build and release a final product. Learn more about idea validation.
Market Discovery
We help you understand your customers with the goal of helping them to understand you. We take what you have learned from your idea validation process and use it to deduce the size of your target market, and how best to find them and convert them into customers. Learn more about market discovery.
Web and App Development
Through fast and iterative development sprints, our dedicated team will be able to take your idea into a viable working solution that fulfills the needs of your target market while remaining agile enough to be able to adapt and grow as you do. Learn more about web and app development.
Ongoing Support Options
From the concept stages of your project, through production, and after launch – we understand that it helps to have someone you can count on available. From technical training and support to business or marketing advice we’ve your back. Learn more about support.