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Marketing Madness: Codelation adds marketing services to client offerings

Written by Erick Roder

Our team is taking an incredible step this quarter. Our company north star goal is to help 500 ideas turn into 500 first customers. Until very recently these ideas all had to be involved in software development, but our team has pivoted a little bit. Going into this year we started offering marketing services to help lift up our software products, as well as helping companies that don’t need software development. These include services like logo design, video editing, social media campaigns, email marketing, UI/UX design, and more. Our team is growing and we have more creative minds to put to use than ever before. We’re really happy that we’ve had a few clients show interest and give us a go!

One of the very first marketing projects we did as a part of this marketing step was a webinar showing off the freshly-built My Ideal Tracker app for client Dr. John Schellenberg. This webinar was specifically catered to professionals that run clinics using red light therapy and brought in the first group of users to the platform. We built an email campaign around the launching of My Ideal Tracker in addition to the webinar. Leveraging your network, and building momentum around the launch of a product is a crucial aspect of launching an app.

Saree Reveling of Inner Spark Coaching and Hypnosis has always been a friend of Codelation. She helped us with a team meditation during the launch of one of our apps. She has assisted in our team building week as well. She is going through a rebrand, and our team wanted to help. Recently I took an eight week meditation class with Saree. I told her it would be really nice if each week’s meditation was somewhere on the internet that your customers could go back and listen to. From there, we took one of those meditations, and made a hub for it on her youtube channel. If you need a little zen today check out the video below.

In our latest project, we teamed up with Zac Jones to create a logo for Sweetwater Therapy Services. Sweetwater Therapy is launching this summer and changing speech pathology. Even though his business model has nothing to do with software, we’re beyond delighted to be helping his business establish its brand. He provided a sketch as inspiration for a logo and we created a few variations based upon it! After some feedback, we tweaked the design and now it’s ready to be used on everything from business cards to social media pages. We also are helping him build his initial customer base, and are doing everything we can to help launch his idea.

All these projects are still in line with helping our clients turn 500 ideas into 500 customers. I am so proud of our team and the steps we’re taking. Helping new ideas become reality is the best part of our job. Marketing services are now an added opportunity for us to help! If you are interested in talking marketing, I am always happy to meet up for coffee.

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