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Our Methodology

There are lots of ways to work with a company like Codelation, and we want you to be sure that our process aligns with how you like to work, too.

Solving The Problem

We dive right into the deep end to help you define the problem and refine the solutions you’re trying to solve by giving you time to answer critical questions, like:

  • How worrisome and frequent is the problem?
  • What would happen if you didn’t solve it?
  • Why are you passionate about solving this problem?
  • How are other platforms solving this problem? How do they work and not work?

We dive right into the deep end to help you define the problem and refine the solutions you’re trying to solve by giving you time to answer critical questions, like? How do they work and not work?

  • Validate if there’s a real need for your product or solution.
  • Plan a minimum solution to your problem that’s just enough for your target customers to feel like you’re helping them – not too little, not too much.

We’re not here to sell you a huge project plan.

We’re here to help determine what step would add the most value to your business.

Process First, Features Second

Our step-by-step methodology maximizes your potential using minimal effort, all while keeping the big picture front and center.

We get you set up for success in a way that:

  • Reduces risk through process and prioritization
  • Helps you understand risk, gaps, unknowns
  • Focuses on many small wins over one big win

We Prefer To Avoid The Waterfall

Maybe you’ve been in a situation that goes something like this:

You hire an agency or a tech shop to help you develop a super detailed, super long, super lofty project plan for your awesome idea. Looks great, right? But then you get into the actual work and realize you’re flooded with more problems to solve, not less.

We call it the waterfall effect when:

  • The problem you set out to solve wasn’t actually solved.
  • The scope of your project crept to high heaven and wreaked havoc on your budget and bottom line.
  • You were left with little or nothing to show for all that money you spent on a fancy discovery meeting.
  • You end up with a product with a lot of features, bells, and whistles, only to find out there’s no consumer need.

Test and Refine

Design product iterations that build off of the one before. These aren’t lengthy periods of time but short 1-2 week build sessions.

Adapt to common bumps in the road, like product iterations, improvements
and enhancements.

Have an idea? Tell us about it

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    Get a Real Product, Not a Concept

    Your big idea is important to you. Getting your first customer is important to us.

    Our process framework keeps you in full control of all aspects of product development, thus eliminating discovery meetings and long proposal documents. As a result, you pay for only the time it takes us to build your product, not a formal proposal or concept.


    Budget & Shape

    Tell us what you need and we'll create an appropriate shape based on your budget. A project shape shows when and how long certain team members put towards your project.


    Lightning Feature

    The team tackles a lightning feature first on your project. It’s a first step to show you how we work and our processes.


    Get Your First 100 Allies

    We'll help you find your first 100 allies, wether they be professionals in your field or intrigued future customers. A strong base of connections can be used as resources, testers, and cheerleaders.


    Additional Features

    After conquering the first lightning feature, we get rolling on the next big things on your wish list.


    Beta Test and Launch

    Are you ready? This is the stage where we squash any last minute bugs and officially launch the idea to your first paying customers.



    You have a group of happy customers now, but what comes next? Is it growing your clientele? Adding a handy new feature in an update? The sky is the limit!

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