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Our Resolution

As we begin to close the book on 2017 and move into 2018 my email inbox is starting to pile up with the usual: Make 2018 Even Better! and similar emails as I’m sure yours is as well.

This is an interesting time of year, everyone is making resolutions to get healthier, stop doing those bad things, make more time for family, and similar well-intended thoughts. The problem that if those intentions aren’t rooted in unwavering commitment they will slowly succumb to our old routine much like that gym membership that many will purchase on January 2nd.

I do want to take a moment and reflect on what we’ve seen over the last year and where we have drawn the line in the sand for our company and the lessons we’ve learned.

— Josh

As a development company, our knowledge and skills have always been easily on par with those of our development colleagues, and we take great pride in our work. Our customers are highly satisfied, we always get the job done, and we feel confident in what we produced. Even when we fall down (yes, it has happened) we do our best to learn from those mistakes and make ourselves better.

But at some point, we began to realize that it isn’t enough to aim to be as good, or even a better version of our colleagues.

We began 2017 with introspection. The New Year encouraged us to reflect on where we were as a company, and resolve to be where we knew we could go.

Now, as we move into 2018, we are taking action on what we have learned – ready to make sure that we are doing all that we can to help our partners better align for success. It all started with a simple statement… “we know that we can be doing more.”


It is often said that 9 out of 10 startups fail – and sadly, we’ve found that statistic to be more-or-less accurate, particularly in the tech space.

It turns out that even though a significant portion of our clients came to us saying “if we just had X, Y, and Z, we’d be successful,” in reality only a small fraction of them understood the customer’s needs, or even their own needs, well enough to see a marked increase in their business or sell even the most modest app.

And with that realization, we found our the key to the new Codelation – complete with a new mission, vision, and values.

“Where Comprehensive Business Growth Strategy and Custom Technological Solutions Align”

We have changed our direction as a software development company to focus on providing technical solutions that are backed by a strong strategy and potential for growth.

The following resolutions outline our promise to you, and to ourselves, that we will do all that we can to set you up for success.  We recognize that your success is our success – and we are ready to go the extra mile to make it happen.

We resolve to be easily accessible and communicative before, during, and after development.

Codelation has always taken great pride in the level of guidance we can give clients throughout the development process.

In reaching out to our past clients, we discovered that some of the greatest uncertainty was felt long before they were ready to develop their product or after their product had launched.

When you consider the importance of proper validation and access to your market, it is clear that these are also the times that can potentially be the most impactful for a new or existing business.

We know that areas like validation, marketing, financing, and the entrepreneurial life can be confusing and frustrating because we’ve been through it. That’s why we created a new service that provides clients access to the Codelation team even when they are not in the middle of a development project.

The support we give our clients through Ask Codelation allows our partners to have easy access to the combined experience of our team no matter what stage they’re in. For a monthly flat rate, Ask Codelation allows clients to tap into our pool of knowledge gaining advice and assistance in whatever areas they need – whenever they need it.

We resolve to establish a clear understanding the big picture goals behind the project before providing an estimate.

All too often we found ourselves being asked to provide a proposal based on a very basic overview of a project deliverable, only to find that the information we based our estimates on did not paint the whole picture of the real goals behind the project.

This caused missed opportunities and unforeseeable expense.

To combat this, we are providing the Codelation Blueprint as a standalone process before providing a comprehensive development project proposals.

The Codelation Blueprint establishes business goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as existing processes and infrastructure capabilities right off the bat. This way, we have a rock-solid foundation upon which to base our proposals – letting us focus on providing results without having to backtrack to make changes to the project’s scope or estimate after the contract is signed.

The Blueprint also comes complete with an implementation strategy so the client knows what steps to take next to ensure they have the best opportunity for success.

How important do we think the blueprint process is?

So important that we require that a Codelation Blueprint session or equivalent documentation be provided before we move forward with any project proposal.

We resolve to offer unique products at a low investment, to help our prepare our partners to start their journey.

We understand the startup space. We’ve lived it.

We want to be there for our clients in whatever capacity they need us to be. That’s why we offer such a variety of resources and services to help get you going no matter where you are at.

To jumpstart projects, we offer workshops for validation, funding, and design. These workshops are structured to get your project prepared and functioning by the end of the sessions.

To help turn ideas into revenue step by step, we will be regularly releasing tools, tips, and tech resources through our blog and on our website.

We resolve to live up to our company values.

Growth Mindset
We seek out and support employees who seek to improve themselves.

Impact Driven
We strive to create the maximum impact in all that we do.

Aligned Vision
We take time to understand the client’s vision and the role we play in seeing it through.

Unwavering Commitment
We honor our commitments over convenience.

Community First
We believe in community over competition. Every time.

Looking Forward

When we asked colleagues in our field about how they have approached the startup space, the common response was that taking on more than just the development piece would be too risky.

We disagree.

When our clients make the leap and choose to risk their time and hard-earned funds on an idea, we feel the need to be there with them every step of the way. We want to assist, advise, and help set them up for ongoing success.

In 2017 we set out to discover. We are kicking off 2018 dedicated to making a bigger impact than ever before.

So in summary, I urge you to pursue that new idea. Step out with confidence that you can do it, the resources are there and that you don’t have to go into it alone.

Happy holidays to all and I wish you the best.

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