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Nick Zahnow

Software Engineer I

Software Engineer I

About Me

I began my journey with Codelation in April 2022 as a software engineer. Prior to joining the team, I graduated from Emerging Digital Academy, a full stack bootcamp based in Fargo.


  • Full-stack development, although I prefer the frontend.
  • I think I’m pretty good at understanding problems and quickly deciding on a course of action.
  • I’m pretty easy-going. It takes a lot to get me stressed out.


Music. I used to play bass in bands around town, but post-covid I’m more into making weird electronic bleeps and bloops that mildly annoy my neighbors. I also like playing video games and tabletop games, and have a group that regularly meets to play Gloomhaven (among other tabletop stuff.)

Fun Facts

  • I grew up on a farm near Parshall, North Dakota
  • I’ve played bass in local bands in Fargo
  • I am a huge fan of the Phoenix Suns (non-bandwagon, I was here for the bad years)
  • I like Formula 1 (I get up waaay too early on Sundays)
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