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Robert Chamberlain

Senior Business/Technical Analyst

Senior Business/Technical Analyst

About Me

I joined Codelation in February of 2021 after spending a year as a client.  I knew Codelation’s value proposition and what they could deliver on because they did so for me.  After a few slow months, I offered my services as an analyst and was welcomed onto the team.

I enjoy leading discovery sessions to understand a client’s needs and anxieties.  My goal is to uncover how software can deliver value and efficiency while reducing the worries that keep you up at night.

My background is in mathematics and software engineering.  So, after learning about and documenting a client’s requirements, I move into that ‘sweet spot’ of translating it all into developer speak.  I really enjoy this part because I know what ‘feeds’ a developer, having been in those shoes before.  One daily litmus test to measure my own productivity is when I collaborate on a database design, create an ultra-efficient database query, or write some pseudo-code.


Assimilating myself into a client’s collective.  Being accused of being an employee of my client is the reward.

Analyzing problems from multiple perspectives with intense focus.


Golf, watching everything turn green in the Spring, smart home enthusiast

Fun Fact

I’m also an electrician and DIYer.  They know me well at Home Depot and Menards.

Home Office Buddy

A robot vacuum that insists on interrupting Zoom calls.

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