Your next 6 months, figured out in 2 hours.

Through our proven Blueprint process we are able to take 2 hours of your time and help you unlock the next 6 months of your growth strategy through the intelligent use of technology.

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Why should I consider the Blueprint Process

How many times have you gotten to a decision and you just aren't sure which direction to take? So it's a coin flip, a friends referral, or a clever marketing campaign that helps you make your decision. How do you know that it is the right decision? What impact will this decision have on future business? It is times like these that you need a specialist in your corner.

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How the Blueprint Process Works

We break down the time required for both Codelation and your company in the following ways.

Your Time
1 Step 1 fill out questionnaire
Step One
15 Minutes
45 Minutes

Fill out a Questionnaire

To get the ball rolling you'll answer some high level questions through a simple industry tailored questionnaire. Once we have the completed questionnaire one of our team members will reach out to clarify any items and set the initial meeting.

2 Step 2 initial meeting
Step Two
45 Minutes
45 Minutes

Initial Meeting

A meeting is setup at the Codelation office, or over Skype if not in the area, to discuss details on the results from the questionnaire. We get to dig into what your growth plans are, what has and hasn't worked for you in the past.

3 Step 3 discovery
Step Three
7 Days


We take the results from the meeting back to our team and look for how to best achieve your goals with your given budget over the upcoming 6 months.

By analyzing key metrics of your business and current technology consumption we will be able to identify current strengths and weaknesses as well as areas of interest in the upcoming months. This isn't a one sized fits all aproach, it will take our team 7 days to complete.

As a result of the discovery phase, we prepare 3 documents to guide the discussion when we regroup at the end of the week.

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4 Step 4 documentation presentation
Step Four
1 Hour
1 Hour

Document Presentation

One of our team members will schedule a presentation meeting to recap the findings from the previous week. We'll step you through your growth plans and how the documentation will assist with keeping you on track over the next 6 months.

We've been working with Codelation for the past 3 years and they've been able to assist us through technical implentations, custom development, and even helped vet new technical hires. Thank you, Codelation!

James Whirlwind Soldier

Codelation has helped me grow my app from idea to reality, not just from the code, but helping me navigate the entire tech landscape. They've stepped in with expertise that I haven't found from anywhere else.

Nick Horob

So I have these documents, now what?

You now are in posession of 3 documents that make up the Blueprint process, they are:

These documents weild great power for your business over the next 6 months. However they are only good if action is taken on them. We typically see 3 use cases on how to best proceed:

  1. Partner with Codelation and allow us to help you along your 6 month journey.
  2. Implement the 6 month roadmap with your internal team.
  3. Take the Blueprint documents to another firm and find out how we compare against the competition.
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