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Pray For Gray Rebuilds Website With User Experience In Mind

You might remember that over the 2019 holiday season we gave away a website to a local nonprofit, Pray for Gray. We’re happy to announce that their snazzy new site is officially live! We’d love it if you went and gave it a look.

What Is Pray For Gray?

Pray for Gray is a nonprofit organization that focuses on supporting brain tumor patients and their families. They strive to foster hope and raise funds towards research and patient survival through their events.

Julie Fletcher, founder of this amazing organization, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in 2007. Inspired by a brain tumor fundraising event she attended in Minneapolis, Julie set out to create similar events in the Fargo area. As a result, Pray for Gray has created an avenue for education, support, and hope right here in our community

How We Helped

Nick and Tyson from our web team worked on this project. Nick kept the organization as the project manager while Tyson built out the site based on creative design direction from Maddy. Maddy wanted to incorporate gray, as it’s a color seen in brain scans and ties into their organization’s name of course. We’re all very happy with how sleek and modern the new site looks.

New Site Features

Educational platform. With their new site, Pray for Gray can keep spreading hope and education on brain tumors.

Great user experience. Event information will be easy for them to update and any pictures taken can be placed in the gallery with ease.

Mobile-friendly. The Pray for Gray team also wanted to be able to create a dynamic site that worked better on mobile.

Highlight events. They also needed to be able to feature events, highlight their past honorees, integrate with their social media feeds, as well as integrate with their donation software.

Community is one of our company’s core values, and our team is so proud and happy to help Pray For Gray. Giving back to this amazing local organization using our technical abilities is something we strive to do as a business.

If you know any other organization that could use a little technology guidance, we’re always willing to have a conversation.

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