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How to Develop Your Brand’s Voice

How to Develop Your Brand’s Voice

If your branding works, it won’t even feel like branding, the same thing with marketing. It should feel natural. When people think of branding, they often think of colors, logo design, and company slogans, things that define your brand as its own entity. But when doing that, many marketers often overlook an important aspect of […]

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Fostering Community Through Cryptocurrency ft. Kai Selekwa

Our special guest this week is Co-founder & CEO Kai from Webblen! Webblen is a platform built to drive engagement in our communities. Kai shares how their platform encourages connection by having users earn tokens in exchange for their commitment to community events, live streams, and more.  Josh and Kai chat about how Webblen made their unique token as well as where Webblen is going next!

Learn more about Webblen here: https://www.webblen.io/

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My Startup is on the Wrong Track. What Do I Do?

My Startup is on the Wrong Track. What Do I Do?

Welcome to #AskCodelation. Today’s question is: “I think my startup is on the wrong track, what do I do?”

This is a great question. We’ve had number of products that we’ve started ourselves internally and tried to take to market. We’d get a certain amount of traction happening, we’d acquire some customers, and then we would realize something’s not quite right.

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