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Marketing Your Startup ft. Laura Caroon

Laura Caroon, Co-founder and President of Ladyboss Midwest, is our guest on our season premiere. We discuss marketing a startup versus an established business as well as Ladyboss’ origins. Laura also delves into how important building relationships is while  marketing a brand-new business.


Learn more about Ladyboss Midwest here: https://ladybossmidwest.com/
Ladyboss Midwest’s Retreat (March 3-5 2022): https://ladybossmidwest.com/retreat/

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My Startup is on the Wrong Track. What Do I Do?

My Startup is on the Wrong Track. What Do I Do?

Welcome to #AskCodelation. Today’s question is: “I think my startup is on the wrong track, what do I do?”

This is a great question. We’ve had number of products that we’ve started ourselves internally and tried to take to market. We’d get a certain amount of traction happening, we’d acquire some customers, and then we would realize something’s not quite right.

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