Strategy and Consulting

In our proprietary consulting process we call the Codelation Blueprint, we take the time at the start of your project avoid issues that could prove to be costly oversights if discovered further along in the development process.

The outcome is a clear vision and scope document that identifies risk and opportunities to your project.

What you get out of The Blueprint?

Due Diligence
  • Goal of Project Overview
  • Target Market Identification and Review
  • Needs/SWOT Analysis – Documentation and Review
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) – Documentation and Review
  • Existing Systems, Processes, and Architecture – Technical Review
  • Primary Business Requirements
  • Project Feature Set
  • Technical Components
  • Risk Identification
  • Stakeholder Sign-Off
Technical Documentation
  • Existing System and Component Limitations
  • Required API Documentation
  • Document Database Entities and Relationships
  • KPI Tracking Protocol
  • Work-Flow Diagrams
Implementation Strategy
  • Project UX/UI (Design) Estimate
  • Project Development Estimate
  • Pre-Development Strategy
  • Pre-Launch Strategy
  • Post-Launch Strategy
Price Starts At:
Time Required:
2 days

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