User Experience

Building the perfect technology is only possible if we understand who we’re building it for, which is why we have an entire process dedicated to getting to know your users.

Through our user experience process, we work to make sure you are creating a product that your users will love to interact with.

We collect user stories from our discovery/strategy sessions, which allow us to validate your app prototype and the way that your users will experience it.

Should the screen fade away or disappear immediately? Where should we place that button? How can we format the menu to make sure the user always knows where to go?

By working through specific scenarios, we gain a clear picture of the needs of your users and how complex they are. This determines the interface we design for your app or website.

A few of the opportunities for tweaking your technology that we look for include:

  • Minimizing choices for the user to drive decision making
  • Simplifying the interface to eliminate decision paralysis
  • Separating primary actions from secondary actions.

Making sure your technology functions simply, effectively, and smoothly helps transform your users into customers.

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