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Pitch Deck

by Codelation

Startups use the business pitch to inform potential investors, gain potential partners’ interest, and help make sales. A pitch deck is the visual presentation that helps convey your startup’s story alongside your pitch speech. Carefully crafting a pitch deck is crucial to share your startup’s story and receive capital effectively. Presenting your pitch is also oftentimes how you’re making a first impression with these investors.

What goes into a Pitch Deck?

The content you choose to share in your pitch deck is how you grab your audience’s attention while informing them about your idea. A few basics of what a pitch deck should include are the value of problems you’re solving, how you stand out from the competition, a business model, and financial projections, among other items. It would be best if you also spent time making your pitch deck aesthetically pleasing. Well-designed slides can give an air of professionalism as well as leave a memorable impression.

Want to Learn More about Pitching? 

Are you currently getting ready to pitch? We have so many great tips on what slides to include and how to prepare for your presentation in our article Creating the Perfect Pitch Deck! Interested in perfecting your elevator pitch instead? Check out this article.

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