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Tasty New App In Beta Testing

Mystery Networking Creates New Business Connections Over Lunch

By Erick Roder 10/8/20

Everyone in sales has run into this problem while networking: You go to a big local event with a few hundred people, you find a person you know, and then go eat nachos with them instead of meeting new people.

You could also be in a small networking group or a committee, and once a week or month you sit at a table with the same 10-20 people you already know. I am not throwing these networking tactics completely under the bus. I have found some of my greatest professional allies and personal friends through these traditional networking avenues. There has to be a better way of combining the intimacy of meeting a smaller group of people with the power of a large pool of new people to network with.

Our solution: Mystery Networking. Neil Johnson NMLS #1722349 of NEXA Mortgage NMLS #1660690 came to us with the idea of having a small group of people from a large database meet up for a monthly lunch.

How it works

  • The first week of the month, we send out an email asking to RSVP to a lunch later that month with a few different time options.
  • Participants then receive a confirmation email from a table host and are paired with 7 other people for lunch. As a participant, you would only know the table host.
  • On the back-end, my nerds are in the process of creating an algorithm that does its best not to pair you with someone you went to lunch with the month before. If we get our database to a few hundred people, we have created a constant stream of new contacts.

This is still in beta testing and is free. Eventually we want to get a running working model in Fargo that we would charge a monthly fee for. If you are interested in eating lunch with new people, feel free to reach out to yours truly. We want to help you find your next great business connection!

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